Anonymous Bookaholics Tag #amreading

Hello all you wonderful book lovers! My name is Nicole and I am a bookaholic. Thank you to the awesome Eve from Eve Messenger’s Otherwordly Endeavors for tagging me to do this! It sounds like fun!


The Bookaholic Questions . . .

What Do You Like About New Books?

I think for me it’s the idea that I’m the first one to open that particular copy of a book. I know in reality that there might have been plenty of people who already opened it (but that’s if I buy the book from a bookstore). I also like knowing, depending on what book, that I’m the first to own the book.

How Often Do You Buy New Books?

This year was way too many! Ok, let me rephrase that. I spent too much money in too short of a time buying new books. I actually found that it was way to easy to buy ebooks through iBooks – all I need is my fingerprint after all! I’ve decided to hit up the library this weekend though since I found about 15 books from my TBR in the catalogue!

Bookstore Or Online Shopping — Which Do You Prefer?

Both! Sometimes I find better deals from an online bookstore like Book Outlet or Book Depository, but sometimes I crave walking through a bookstore and just browsing until I find a book that I didn’t know about.

Do You Have A Favorite Bookshop?

Hmm, not really. Barnes & Noble tends to be my first choice.

Do You Pre-Order Books?

Not often. I did for two of the Harry Potter books, but haven’t really since. It makes more sense for a series and if you are getting hardback copies of all the books. I personally prefer paperback.

Do You Have A Monthly Book-Buying Limit?

I don’t. But I probably should.

Book-Buying Bans, Are They Something For You?

I think that ban is a harsh word. I think cutting back is more effective. I realized that I bought too many books at one time earlier this year and suddenly had too big of an unread TBR pile. I decided to cut back and read the majority of those books first before deciding to buy more.

How Big Is Your Wish List.

My Goodreads TBR is 436

My Amazon Wish List is 83 books

I have no idea how many of those are the same though. So many books!!

Which Three Books From Your Wish List Do You Wish You Owned Right Now?

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby, Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin, and Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley

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