Bookish Thought: Dream Author Panel(s)

Bookish Thought is a type of discussion post where I talk about anything book related and of course leave it open for you all to respond :)

Who doesn’t love a conference or convention? Especially a book themed one?! A chance to see some of your favorite authors speak and sign books!

I actually wouldn’t know, because I haven’t had the chance to attend one yet. Soon though, hopefully. In anticipation of that day, I thought it would be fun to play around with the idea of what author panels I would love to see! [Check out some of the real conventions, etc happening around you at Eventbrite (no compensation of any form recieved)].

I decided to break it down by genre. Also keep in mind that these are all authors that I’ve read, so some popular authors may be missing.

So without further ado I give you the fictional Book Lovers Convention author panels!

Young Adult Author Panel

Nicola Yoon

Sarah Dessen

David Arnold

John Green

Urban Fantasy Author Panel

Patricia Briggs

Charles de Lint

Daniel O’Malley

Erin Morgenstern

JK Rowling

(High) Fantasy Author Panel

George RR Martin

JRR Tolkien

Marie Lu

Leigh Bardugo

Science Fiction Author Panel

Orson Scott Card

Blake Crouch

Ernest Cline

Andy Weir

Romance Author Panel

Penny Reid

Sarina Bowen

Alice Clayton

Jenny Colgan

Kylie Scott

Suspense/ Thriller/ Mystery

Gillian Flynn

Janet Evanovich

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Stephen King

Dystopian Worlds Author Panel

John Twelve Hawks

Suzanne Collins

Veronica Roth

James Dashner

There are many others, but some I wasn’t sure what kind of genre they would fit into and it didn’t seem fair to just slap together a misc. panel. I also had no idea where to place Carlos Ruiz Zafon, though I think mystery is a good spot.

I also realize that some of these authors and the books they’ve written cross over to other genres, but some just deserve their own, like Dystopia.

So tell me, what authors would you love to see on any of these panels (or make up your own panel)?

If you celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!

XO Nicole

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