Bookish Thought: Why I Want to Explore the Dark Side

Bookish Thought is a type of discussion post where I talk about anything book related and of course leave it open for you all to respond :)

As some of you may know, I recently finished reading The Rose Society by Marie Lu. When I picked up the first book, it was mostly for a reading challenge over really wanting to read it. However, like many other readers, I was intrigued by the idea of reading about an anti-hero/ bad girl. While I’ve read other books featuring great anti-heroes, Marie Lu’s first two installments of her Young Elites series were recent reads and left me unsatisfied.

I love the idea of an anti-hero being our main character and with my dissatisfaction by my recent read still fresh in my mind, I find myself wanting to dive into the dark side.


I’m a HUGE cookie person :)

I did a quick Google search and scan of different articles and was unsurprised to know that I am not alone in this desire. And so I started thinking about the different reasons why.

Why do I want to dive in and explore the dark side so badly? 

Because the ‘dark side’ would offer a different way to view the world. Readers tend enjoy a myriad of benefits, including those related to thinking and how they perceive the world. Every story and its characters all have more than one side. An anti-heroes journey is one of those sides and if it’s well written, than it’s worth the read.

Because the character’s motivation(s) would be different compared to a stereotypical hero character. Why I’m all for recycling, I’m not for the recycling of hero characters and their motivations. Reading about the same type of hero or heroine character over and over starts to get boring.

Because I suspect that the journey would way more fun and interesting. Think about it: the ant-hero won’t always have the same moral qualms as the hero, making their decisions more unpredictable leading to those interesting situations.

Because the characters and story can be more relatable. Anti-heroes are flawed and usually in a variety of ways. Because of that, these characters would be more realistic. I’m not saying that our heroes aren’t, but characters are inspired by us flawed humans and it seems that anti-heroes are written to be more ‘vocal’ about how their flaws influence their decisions and ultimately the story.

Because I need someone to live vicariously through. My personality tends to lean towards ‘nice girl’ and so I would worry more over the decisions I make and their ramifications. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not have the moral compass most people have. It’s fun to live through a character far more bolder and probably badder than me.

Excuse me while I go scour the internet’s resources on great anti-hero reads …

Tell me about your anti-hero reading experiences! What are some of your favorite reads with anti-heroes?

~ Nicole



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