2016 Goals & Resolutions Review

It’s almost 2017! I can’t believe it’s already right around the corner. But I also said the same thing last year and no doubt will continue to say it for years to come.

Anyways, with the end of 2016 looming, it’s time for me to go over all the goals and resolutions that I set out for myself in this Top Ten Tuesday post. I think I did fairly well with most of my goals, but I’m not sure I can say the same for my resolutions. I did do an almost middle of the year goals & resolutions update in April. In my original Top Ten Tuesday post, I broke my goals and resolution into three sections: General, Blogging, and Bookish.

Let’s see how I did.

General Goals and Resolutions

Continue to make my lifestyle a more active one

When I did my April update, I was doing well. I was continuing personal training, still running, and working on eating healthy. Unfortunately, I think I went downhill on this one once summer hit. I’m still working out with my trainer twice a week, but I haven’t run since probably June and my eating is all over the place. I have, however, started implementing yoga into my week slowly, but surely. So I think I might stay in the middle on this one.

Continue to expand my cooking skills

Yeah, this is definitely a fail. Or more that I just haven’t tried to expand a lot. I should really make this a resolution for next year too since I’ll finally be moving out next spring!

Finish my third and last Half Marathon under 2 hours and 40 minutes (10 minutes more than what I finished my last one)

Check! You can read my recap of the Surf City Half Marathon here.

Visit at least three new places this year (doesn’t need to be a new state or country, just simply a place I’ve never been to before)

Check! I got to visit New Orleans, Santa Cruz, and Hawaii! All were great trips and I hope I get to see at least one new place next year!

Blogging Goals and Resolutions

Post more about my baking adventures

Hmm, this one didn’t pan out quite how I hoped. I really only posted two recipes, which is a very slow start. But here’s to more in 2017!

Become more active and continue to do so in the blogging world

I think this one ended up being very up and down. There were times that I think I did well commenting on other blogs and reading other reviews, etc. I also became more active in Goodreads which has been great. I think for as long as I have this blog, this will always be a blogging resolution for me.

Bookish Goals and Resolutions

Finish my classics list by the end of March (half way done with second to last and then Anna Karenina!)

Check! Finished in February :) You can check my Classics Reading Challenge page here.

Complete the two reading challenges I’ve set for myself (the A to Z Alphabet Reading Challenge and Goodreads)

I finished my Goodreads Challenge, but I’m one away from finishing the A to Z Challenge. I’ll post a review probably tomorrow or the next day.

Sign up/ start to receive books from sites and/or publishers, etc. to review

This is ongoing and will probably be another ongoing one for as long as I’m blogging. But I also have a ton of books I bought that I need to read.

Create my own book tag or weekly meme or blog award – I think this would be awesome and fun if I was able to do this. I haven’t given it much thought yet, but it would be fun to start something :)

Check! I created my own Cookie Book Tag. I look forward to trying to create more, because they are so much fun! I’m still working on a possible blog award, but we’ll see.


Become more active in Goodreads/ utilize it more, i.e. leaving reviews

Check! Goodreads has become my new Facebook. I’m addicted – mostly to discovering new books which cannot be good for my bank account.

It’s exciting to see that I accomplished a lot this year and I can only hope that it will continue into next year and beyond.

Did you accomplish all you wanted this year?


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