Book Review: The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, a Sherlock Holmes story

With just a couple days left of the year 2016, I nearly forgot to read the last book for my A to Z Alphabet Reading Challenge. The last letter I need was the letter X, which surprisingly was kind of hard to find a book for. At least one that I already had or could borrow from the local library.

Last night I remembered that I have the beautiful Barnes & Noble Complete Sherlock Holmes book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and that there were at least a couple story titles with the letter X in it. I chose The Six Napoleons story because it was a stand alone short story rather than a part within a longer story. But, really I would have enjoyed any of these stories even though this is my first reading of an actual Sherlock Holmes story. 


To be honest, it was a little hard to get into the story without picturing any of the movie adaptations of Sherlock and Watson. But I think by a quarter of the way into the story, I got into the rhythm of Doyle’s writing style. Thankfully, his writing didn’t seem that old and I was able to read the writing smoothly without a problem. After distancing myself from different adaptations of the characters, I was able to imagine my own versions of them and enjoy watching the scenes play out.

The only thing is that I should have started out with one of the longer stories because the short story was, well, too short to get enough of Holmes and Watson in. I was just getting into to it and then Sherlocks solves the crime!

Speaking of the crime, I really liked how the plot is simple and really anyone could guess why someone was going around smashing the plaster busts of Napoleon (and it wasn’t because they had a hatred for him).However, what was fun was getting to read the whole picture which allows for smaller details to be explained.

The only thing that threw me off was the dialogue. There weren’t a lot of actual conversations written out, especially with side characters who would give information. The side character would repeat a question that Sherlock or someone else ‘asked’ and then answer. So that was weird and just something that I wasn’t used to. However, I got over it. Because Sherlock Holmes.

I can’t wait until I dive into more of these stories! I should have done it sooner!

Have you read of the Sherlock Holmes stories?

P.S. I just saw that the new BBC Sherlock episode is called The Six Thatchers. I’m so excited that I read this story now! It will be interesting to how else they adapt it to modern London.

One thought on “Book Review: The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, a Sherlock Holmes story

  1. I love the Sherlock Holmes stories! It’s interesting that you mention distancing yourself from picturing film adaptations. I try to do the same thing if I read something I’ve seen before! It’s interesting because character personalities tend to be different in the book vs. the different movies. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the story!

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