Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Releases I’ll Totally Read in 2017 (I swear!)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish


2016 was the year I really dived into this blog and great big world of reading and books. I’ve always been a big reader, but I didn’t start utilizing Goodreads, Amazon, and other book bloggers and bookstagrammers for finding new books. And boy have I been finding so many new books! And because of that, I was maybe a little too liberal with my spending on new books which resulted in me adding 2016 published books on my TBR list, but they kept getting pushed back because I had (still have) so many owned books to read first.

Problems of a bibliophile, right?

Anyways, so here are my top ten 2016 releases that I wanted to read in 2016, but didn’t and so now I plan on devouring them this year!

The Books

Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs


The only reason I didn’t immediately pick this one up is because it’s released as a hardcover first, so I actually won’t pick up my preferred mass market paperback this year. But still, I sometimes wish I didn’t care about format. But alas I do because all the other books I own for this series is in paperback.

Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley


This is actually a similar scenario as the book above. I prefer paperback most of the time and since I have the first book in paperback and a certain edition, I have to wait for the one I want. Again, I wished I didn’t care because I really enjoyed the first book.

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

sleeping giants

I forget who was reading this, but I saw that they read and reviewed it around its publication date and after reading that review and the blurb, I knew I wanted to read it. Unfortunately, I never got around to picking it up last year, but I definitely want to do so this year if everyone’s reviews is anything to go by!

Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham


I think I heard about her book around the time I found out about the Gilmore Girls Revival (I was slow to hear about it). I always loved Lauren Graham, even though I’ve only seen her in a few things beyond Gilmore Girls. I currently have an audiobook hold for it through my library, but as of right now, I’m #68.

My Last Continent by Midge Raymond


I saw a fellow blogger and bookstagrammer reading this and I immediately looked it up and then added it to my TBR. And now I own it! But I didn’t read it before the end of 2016 like I wanted too. But I will definitely read it this year!

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess


I had this on my TBR for months before it actually came out. I really wanted to read it when it came out, but I also wasn’t sure I wanted to spend any more money. I tried to win it in a Goodreads Giveaway, but alas, it was not meant to be for 2016.

Revenge and the Wild by Michelle Modesto


I feel like this is another book that has been on my TBR list for months! Which it has. I found it on Goodreads before it was published and I think I just kind of keep forgetting about it, but then finding it again.

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon


The moment I finished reading Yoon’s Everything, Everything, I immediately discovered she had a new book coming out! Even though I’ve seen some mixed reviews, I still wanted to read it.

Starflight by Melissa Landers


I was so excited about this book! I added it to my TBR in December 2015, but I kind of forgot about it because it wasn’t published until March 2016. I know I keep seeing the second book around and now I really want to read it!

The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon


So I didn’t know about this book until I was voting in the Goodreads Awards. After reading the blurb, I pretty much immediately found a deal and bought it. I was hoping to read it before the end of 2016, but I own it, so I can read it soon!

I had a lot of books on my TBR that were published in 2016. I can only hope that I get to read some of the books I really want to read sometime this year!

Have you read any of these or plan to?


20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Releases I’ll Totally Read in 2017 (I swear!)

  1. I totally forgot about The Sun is Also a Star. That one is on my list somewhere… lost beneath all of the recent additions. Also, I randomly picked up A Shadow Bright and Burning at a used bookstore because of the pretty book cover (yup, I’m that person), but I haven’t picked it up yet. Maybe this year!

    Hope you get to all of these (and have all of the time to discover the amazing things coming out this year as well!)

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  2. Amazing list, I’ve got a few of these on my own and some that I probably should have added. I’m most curious about Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham. Sleeping Giants is a book I read last year and really fell in love with and still think about! I’m looking forward to your review.

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  3. I want to read Talking As Fast As I Can too! I just finished Anna Kendrick’s memoir and am in the mood to do memoir audiobooks, and Lauren Graham seems super fun (though I don’t follow Gilmore Girls or her career at all). #68 is a big number, though – and here I thought 18 reserves were bad enough at my library. :P

    From your list, I’ve only read TSIAAS. I’d recommend it. :)

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    • I’ve been doing memoir audiobooks lately too and I can’t want to listen to Anna Kendrick’s! I hope you enjoy Lauren Graham’s, I’ve heard some mixed reviews, but mostly people have enjoyed it. Good to know about TSIAAS, thanks! :)


      • Hmm, I’m currently on my third audiobook. It’s Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, which I’ve been enjoying. Before that I really enjoyed listening to Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance, but of course that one isn’t really a memoir. I have Wild on my list as well, but I figured I would read it. But I have heard good things about it! Sorry I couldn’t have been more help!


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