Uphill Battle

For the past several months, I felt like I was steadily, though slowly, making my way towards my goal of moving to a new city this March (2017). There have been some low moments of allowing myself to overthink things, get worried and anxious. I took a short break around the holidays and now recently have picked up looking for a job again.

It has been very discouraging.

And I am a little more anxious because I told my boss right around the New Year as well as HR about my move. So a very small handful of people know that I am looking to move in the springtime and I will be leaving  work.

I so badly want that to happen, but all last week and this weekend I kept thinking about – well – everything. What if I don’t find a job? What if I don’t move until closer to June, when not a lot of companies hire then? What if for some insane reason, I don’t move at all? What about friends? What about finally living on my own?

I am going to chalk this all up to nervousness. I lived with my parents for the first 18 years of my life and then I mostly lived with five of my closest girlfriends in college with some weeks spent by myself in the house during summer.

And true, I would stay with my Aunt for a few months while I get a job (if I don’t already have one) and then settle in to living completely on my own.

I think my biggest contributor to all this stress and anxiety is whether I will actually move when I want to. I haven’t given an actual date of moving just the month of March. I told them I would try and be flexible on when I leave so that with any big projects that I’m working on don’t leave them scrambling. However, I still really want to move in March or at least by the beginning of April, but there’s a big project hitting it’s peak around that time.

I have some people on the one hand telling me that this is a time where I should be more selfish and put myself first rather than the company first. It’s great to be loyal, but at the end of the day everyone is replaceable.

However, I have other people telling me that I do work for a unique company and I shouldn’t just give them an end date and leave it at that. I should ask internally coworker to coworker if they would be interested in my job. If not, then I tell HR and my boss that it might be a good idea to start looking for my replacement.

The next chapter is so close I can almost taste it and it is driving me crazy. I am impatient to start this next step but I feel like I am hitting obstacles every way I turn. I mean I know it’s all about the path and journey, etc. but seriously, does it always have to feel like such a struggle?

I would love to hear from anyone and everyone about their experiences moving, finding a new job, giving notice at work or anything else related. 

~ Nicole

I found this interesting article from The Atlantic on how young adults are a part of a Go-Nowhere Generation or are called Generation Stuck: Generation Stuck: Why Don’t Young People Move, Anymore?

There were two additional posts on the reasons why young adults are moving and why some are not.

‘The Cost of Living Is Going to Drown Us’: Why Some Americans Are Moving

The Go-Nowhere Generation Speaks: ‘I’d Love to Move, but I Can’t


3 thoughts on “Uphill Battle

  1. Know that everything happens for a reason and that worrying about things, even tho’ I too do it, never makes things better as usually half the time none of things you are worrying about come to a fruition.
    I moved across the country w/out family or friends and without a job. This is NOT for everyone, but it may be something to consider especially as some companies (depending on how far away you are moving) will not consider out of state candidates as they do not want to pay for relocation.

    If you truly want to move you WILL do it. I have faith, even if yours is shakey. Lastly, I might not have shared your desire to move w/ your firm as it’s true, it’s your life to do something new and they may start looking and replace you – but perhaps that will help in getting you out the door. All of this said, It WILL BE OK. Happy to talk off of the blog if you’d like. No pressure. – K

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    • Thank you for the faith! I know that everything will work out one way or the other. I think a lot of all this is coming from my impatience to start this next ‘chapter’. Thanks again for the words!

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      • I COMPLETELY get it, plus moving away from your comfort zone can be daunting as is the unknown. Plus you’re ALLOWED to have moments of doubt. It’s normal. It’s what you do with that, that matters.
        My suggestions: When I moved, I had my location in mind. Then I created a target list of companies where I’d like to work. This was pre-LinkedIn so you’re lucky in that I was using printed materials to find contacts. But use your network to see if anyone knows anyone where you want to go.
        OR post something on LI that says you are looking at either X company or to move to X location and hoping to expand your network while you apply and look for jobs. Often people are really helpful when you put the ask out there. Again…offer to connect via email is out there… my blog at Gmail. – K
        Keep the faith Nicole!

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