Audiobook Review: Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

Being in a celebrity memoir reading kick and being a Gilmore Girls fan, I knew I wanted to get my hands on Lauren Graham’s new book Talking As Fast As I Can. I quickly put my name on the waiting list for my library to borrow the audiobook. I had to wait a couple weeks, but for the most part it was worth it.

I say for the most part because I didn’t LOVE it like I thought I would.


I wasn’t sure what I was really expecting, but something just didn’t click for me. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed listing to Lauren Graham speak, but I think ultimately I didn’t understand that the book was primarily focused on Gilmore Girls.

It was really interesting to hear from Lauren’s POV about the before and during parts of Gilmore Girls, both times, but there weren’t as many great stories as I thought there would be. I also wished that she dived a little more into stories about before she really started to get acting jobs. The stories she did tell were interesting and I enjoyed them, but it just sounded like I was listening to a Gilmore Girls episode, but without watching it.

Which I get is probably the main point of the book.

I also wish someone warned that she put around twenty pictures in the book, which of course you can’t see if you’re just listening to the audiobook version. So that was annoying, but didn’t hinder the experience too much. I honestly think that I should have just borrowed the hard copy of this book and read it instead of listening to it – I think I would have enjoyed the stories a lot more.

I definitely enjoyed this one, but I just didn’t love it like I desperately wanted to. I am excited to see what new fiction books she writes though!

What did you think?


4 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

  1. Bummer that it wasn’t great for you – although not every book has to be. I read the hard copy and really enjoyed it. (Tho’ to be candid, I’m not much of an audio book kind of person – well I am and I’m not – story for a different day).

    I got it b/c it was so focused on GG – which I’m semi obsessed with – it’s my chill video too when I get stressed. Some days I just want to foresake all and live in Stars Hallow – YES I know it’s not real.

    The pictures were great, and I enjoyed the Egg Timer trick – which written out is cool. For me the bonus was the Parenthood and early acting – I wasn’t expecting that. Plus I sort of liked finding out that she’d had to binge watch – yes I’d would have also liked some more behind the scenes but… all in all a great read for me.

    While you may not want to… I’d suggest checking out the hard copy. I’ve been lobbying hard for free copy – she’s been giving away free copies on Friday via Twitter. I was able to go back and look at a pic and re-read something so maybe that helped.
    Still nice to know you’re a GG & LG fan! :) –K

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