Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Will Sway Me to Read a Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish

It’s Tuesday! Which means that I am just under a week away from my move date! Aah!! Crazy to think about!

Tuesday also means it’s time for a Top Ten Tuesday post!

This week’s prompt is all about the different aspects, tropes, or any other part of a book that makes me want to read right then and there. It should be interesting to see what I can come up with about why I read a book . . .

The Why’s

If it’s a book in the Urban Fantasy genre that has a unique angle, I’m in. It was an Urban Fantasy series that actually introduced me to all the books out there that didn’t fall into a category required by school. I also love the how it exercises my imagination.

If it has a sweet and sexy romance involved, I will definitely be tempted. I’ve recently discovered the joys of reading a quick and well written romance novel. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be from the romance genre, but I do love a well written romance plot or sub-plot.

If the heroine is a strong character who gives out a little sass, I’m snatching that baby up. I love the fact that books are giving the readers stronger female leads. Not that all books before didn’t have that, but reading about a female character that stands by her principles and stays consistent to how she was written is really nice.

If it’s a thought-provoking book, I will no doubt find a way to read it. Okay, so maybe I don’t read all the ‘intelligent’ books, but I’m always interested to eventually read them. They received high praise most likely and for a reason.

If the plot is centered around the dangers of technology and surveillance (like 1984), I’ll want to read it. More and more lately, I’m getting nervous about certain technologies that make things easier – particularly surveillance.

If the plot or a character is refreshing and new in some way (either in a big or a small way), I’ll most likely pick it up over a ‘familiar’ plot or character. As a constant reader, I’m bound to read something that is very similar to another book. All stories follow a set of certain basic plots (from what I’ve read) and so some books, especially if they’re in the same genre, will have some similarities, so I’m always looking for something a little different or something that feels new.

If one of the main characters has a nerdy side (or sides), I’m sold. I feel like a nerd on most days depending on the subject and so I tend to love reading about them too.

If the main genre is psychological thriller/ suspense, I’ll probably definitely want to read it. This of course all started after I read Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places. I never knew that I could love thrillers so much when I hate horror movies. I guess this is one point that I would make about how the book is better – or in my case, a little less terrifying.

Hmm, so I was only able to think of eight reasons why I want to immediately read a book (or sometimes simply put it on my TBR list). I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones that stood out to me right away.

Are any of these on your list?



14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Will Sway Me to Read a Book

  1. I love nerdy books. I remember I signed up for this one library just because I kept seeing the book cover for the first Geek Girl Mysteries on their homepage site and I just had to get it! And this year I’ve been LOVING the psychological thrillers and mysteries. I was never a reader of the genre but then a few amazing books made me wonder why I don’t read them more often!

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    • Yes, there are definitely some that are written better or at least just written in a way that keeps me on my toes the whole time :)


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