Confessions From A Semi-Unemployed Adventurer

One, I’m back! Or trying to get back into some kind of blogging routine – starting with today’s post!

Two, I did it – I moved! I have been living in beautiful Colorado for a little over a week now. I’ve already experienced rain, thunderstorms, light spring snow, and a lot of sunshine.

Okay, so now with those quick updates done, now to the part where my stress level, nervousness, and uncertainty take over. I officially had my bittersweet last day at my last job about two and half weeks ago. I say bittersweet, because I did love it there – the people especially, but I just couldn’t see myself being really happy settling down there. Also, all of my coworkers were really excited for me to take this huge leap of faith while still sad to see me go.

And here I am, having been here for just over a week now. And unemployed for almost three weeks. However, I do start a contract job this Friday which they see as lasting for a few weeks, so at least I will get some kind of paycheck even though it won’t turn into a permanent job unless I decide to ‘apply’ for it. Which I don’t know that I’m going to want to do that.

Which is definitely a scary thought, but I also don’t want to settle especially considering that the job is right in the heart of downtown Denver. Which I’m not sure is the location for me considering that eventually I will need to think about where I want to live (or try to live).

I know that there are a lot of things going through my head right now that I don’t necessarily need to stress over just yet since I haven’t even started the contract job. But a part of me just can’t help it sometimes.

And this is me not even thinking about the fact that I don’t have any friends yet. But luckily I know that I won’t want to focus on that until I have the routine of a job down [and a job ;) ].

This last week and half has felt like months and it makes me nervous and scared to think about not having a job as well as getting closer to the summer months when I’m told that jobs get scarce. Eek.

All I can hope for is that I will really grow from this experience.

I know that this has been a theme in some of my posts in the last several weeks and I hope to get back to writing book related posts soon as well.

But, if you’ve been in this kind of situation or have any tips for starting a new job or doing temp jobs, I would love to hear your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Confessions From A Semi-Unemployed Adventurer

  1. Yea!!! So EXCITED for you on so many levels. You’re doing it girlfriend! You’ve got this and the contract (which I do quite a lot of) is just that a trial… Just go in there and do you’re best -even if it is/isn’t the end all be all. That will 1. Help get you a positive reputation and 2. Lead to other projects if at the end you decide NOT to move forward. One thing… they could love you within days and tell you so be prepared.. You still don’t have to take something that doesn’t feel right – although make sure it’s not nerves but something else (e.g., new town, new people etc…) You’re smarter than that but you’ve got this.
    Networking… talk to co-workers about meeting others since you’re new in town…. Join a professional group in your industry – that’s how I made LOTS of contacts – that I had to follow-up on quickly. Have that Elevator pitch ready too. Get biz cards – so inexpensive via Vistaprint… with the “title” you want and your contact info and social (if appropriate). There’s also Meet up.

    OK enough sorry I’ve just been there moving across the country so I’m sorry if I came across as a mother hen vs. trusted “friend” Nicole you’re going to be amazing in CO. (PS I’d “heard” about the snow b/c HUGE fan of Candace Accola King (VampDiaries a dirty secret (until now) who also lives in Denver area – So jelly!! She posted Maybe you’ll run into her! But at the end of the day you’ve already gained success by setting a goal to move and doing it. The next finding a job – which you did, even if temporary.. you’ve done before and can do again.
    GO Nicole! We’re rooting for you!


    • Thank you for the positive words!! And the great advice :) It’s been quite the transition, but I do feel good about this!
      And I would love to run into Candace Accola King, she seems awesome! :) Don’t worry about giving me advice and the good vibes, it’s always nice to hear :)

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