My Gemini Horoscope: June


It’s been months since I’ve done a horoscope post – the last time I did this was in October 2016. While I never intended or planned to do this kind of post every month, I figured I would at least do them closer together. Oh well.

Again, I just like to do this posts every once in awhile because they’re fun to do and help get me thinking about plans for the week, month and sometimes beyond. I don’t take it very seriously, but I have found that it’s a good way for me to think about those things from a slightly different and interesting angle.

I usually take my horoscope from (they send these fun emails, I love it!) as well as However, the one didn’t really speak to me, so I found the following from Elle Magazine’s Horoscope.

Weekly (May 29 – June 4)

You can be a devoted friend and lover, Gemini, making sacrifices and standing by your peeps through thick and thin. But you can also swing to the opposite extreme, disappearing for hours (heck, days) at a time because you got swept up in the spontaneity of a “once in a lifetime” experience. This week, strive for a healthy middle ground. If you’ve lost yourself in someone else’s orbit, pull back and find your own center. You have the juice of Mars in Gemini until Sunday, helping you plow ahead on personal projects and visibility-boosting goals. You’re not abandoning your loved ones by pursuing your own dreams, Gemini! Real friends will understand if you skip brunch so you can finally launch your website or take a workshop from a master teacher who only comes to your city once a decade. This is the week to remember that YOUR happiness is the only thing you hold sway over. If you know you’re walking down a dead-end street, the Mars-Saturn opposition spins you 180 degrees. U-turn!

Circle Sunday as a kickstarter for your 2017 economic stimulus plan. Momentous Mars moves on to Cancer and your second house of income until July 20. Time to be more proactive about finding profitable opportunities and getting your savings plan in place. You don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy life. Just make sure that you’re living within your means.

On the romantic side of things, lusty Mars will leave you in a sensual groove for the next seven weeks. You need someone who loves the delicious and flirtatious buildup as much as you do. An electrifying touch can be as titillating as any Fifty Shades romp now.

Monthly – for the Month of June 2017

Get ready to celebrate—it’s Gemini time! The Sun is making its annual visit to your sign until June 21, feting your birthday season.

Your creative wheels really start spinning on June 9, when expansive Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in Libra and your passionate, playful fifth house. Jupiter is traveling through this outspoken (and romantic!) zone of your chart from September 9, 2016, until October 10, 2017, blessing you with 13 months to live out loud. But your roar may have been muffled a bit since the red-spotted planet took a U-turn on February 6. Now you can barrel full steam ahead with a sizzling love affair or an artistic venture.

Are you on your path? From June 16 to November 22, soul searcher Neptune makes its annual retrograde U-turn in Pisces and your tenth house of career. Reflect on your long-term goals and professional trajectory. If you’re feeling uncertain or disenchanted, this Neptune backspin can help you slow down and connect to your intuitive guidance. It’s possible that you’re ready for a bigger change, though you may simply crave more creativity in your daily work. Could that happen in your current role? Explore your emotions and take time for meditation, creative visualization and right-brain meanderings. Listen to music while you move through your tasks. This would be an excellent time to pick up Julia Cameron’s self-study guide The Artist’s Way ( Hello, summer reading!

With compassionate Neptune in this contemplative pose, you may yearn for work that makes a difference. You don’t HAVE to quit your corporate gig and go teach abroad (though you could…). Just look for ways you can be of service right here at home. This can happen after hours through volunteering or joining the board of a nonprofit that reflects your most cherished values. Put your consummate social skills to work and plan a benefit fundraiser. This is a great time to learn from a master or work with a coach in your field. Just know that Neptune is the planet of illusions. If an opportunity seems too good to be true, conduct your due diligence before you dive in!

The June 23 Cancer new moon could bring a job or moneymaking offer, along with fresh insights about your career path. Your confidence also gets a boost, and this surge in self-worth may coincide with an uptick in your net worth. Slow and steady wins the race after June 4, when go-getter Mars enters Cancer and your second house of work and money until July 20, nudging you to focus on your bottom line. Focus on activities that generate enough revenue to allow you to pay your bills AND sock away some savings. Get real about your budget now. To see your bank account blossom, you may need to cut out some extraneous expenses.

Monthly – Love & Romance

If you took a chance in love, it might have paid off handsomely. If you haven’t yet, well, take advantage of these last few days! But really, your reward is the confidence boost that comes from boldly risking rejection and being direct. If you’ve been hesitant to state what you want, take a page from this sweet story about a single woman whose therapist helped her craft an honest Tinder profile (

On June 4, things quiet down as sultry Mars decamps to Cancer and your stabilizing second house, decelerating the amorous action a notch or ten. Until July 20, Mars in this grounded zone will help you think more practically about how you’re spending your romantic capital. Scale back and prioritize: You don’t have the energy to rush in and play savior or worry about how your underemployed love interest is paying the bills. When it comes to a potential partner, you’ve had enough of evasiveness and unreliability. One itty-bitty text that reads “Hey” does not augur a fulfilling intimate union. Common sense trumps chemistry during this new Mars phase.

Warning: Mars can add tension or fuel conflict. Single Geminis might feel competitive with friends, comparing your love life (or lack of one) to theirs and eyeing how you measure up. There’s no victory at the end of that lap, so focus on building true self-esteem. There’s nothing more attractive than a person who knows their worth—and owns it! Meanwhile, romantic Venus dips into Taurus and your healing twelfth house from June 6 to July 4, prompting you to dial it down even more. Take a receptive approach instead of trying to force or control things. Allow others to seduce YOU for once. Just don’t get swept away before you really get to know someone, as you’re susceptible to idealizing people now. Can they back up those dreamy promises?

Wow – so that was a lot more than I was expecting. I bolded the things that stood out to me the most and as you can see, there were quite a few pieces that caught my attention. A lot of the things centered around money and work really hit home since I feel like I’m still in this middle area where I’m still in the process of settling. But I think that I still feel – not lost – but a little unsure of what fully settled looks like for me or what my next step would be to continue doing that. I have a temp job that I’m waiting to see if they’ll make me permanent. It’s not a job that I see myself in for a long time, but I took because my gut feels good about it and I’m getting a decent paycheck.

I’m taking all the love and romance into account, but that is definitely not a priority though I do find it on my mind from time to time, but I would rather try to make friends first. We’ll see what happens, but I’ll probably do update posts about all that in the coming months.

Do you like looking up your horoscope too? What’s your horoscope saying for this week and month?


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