Bookish Thought: Book Recommendations & Choosing Your Next Read

Happy Wednesday! It’s been way too long since I’ve done a Bookish Thought post and since I’m trying to get back into the routine of things, I figured this week was good as any to start this discussion post again.

I’ve been sitting on a couple of Bookish Thought post ideas, but randomly came up with this one mainly because lately I can’t stop thinking about my growing TBR pile I have going on over at my Goodreads page.

Knowing there is a huge chance that I am not the only one with a huge TBR pile that never seems to stop growing (#bookwormlife) and as a reader that sometimes just doesn’t know what to read next, I figured this post would be a fun and interesting one to write.

I love to research and look things up, so I of course turned to my trusty search engine, Google, to help me find others who have discussed similar topics or maybe even other websites besides Goodreads to help.

And what do you know? Not only did I find three sites that seem to solely deal with helping someone figure out a new book to possibly read next, I also found a creative way to do so as well that deals with books only on your TBR list. I also thought of a random idea that could also help with getting through books on your TBR list.

The Websites For New Book Recommendations

YourNextRead is one of the first ones to come up in my search. I personally have never heard of it before, but then again Goodreads has always been my go-to, so I’m not surprised. First impression is that the layout seems easy to navigate. You can use the search bar to search by author, book title, or genre. I decided to search for recommendations based on Rook by Daniel O’Malley. Three of the books that came up, I already have on my TBR list, so it seems like it might work well.

I then decided to see what would come up by searching for recommendations under the genre new adult/ romance. I rarely, if ever, talk about books in the romance genre or a related genre, mostly because they are books that I like to just disappear into and have fun with. But since I’m always on the lookout for a new author or book or series, I figured I could use this site to see what comes up. I decided to use Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen to search for recommendations. What I found as a potential read is Sexy Stranger by Kendall Ryan. It seems familiar, so I may have looked at it at some point, but now I may just add it to read soon.

Overall, it seems like a good site to help find a new book to read, but emphasis on new. Maybe if I get lucky and many of the books that are recommend I find are already on my list to read. I did see, however, an option to connect this account to your Goodreads, but I did not do that so I’m not sure what that may entail.

WhichBook is another site that came up, but personally I found it a little dated and slightly annoying that it seems to only be made up of lists that users can create. Plus their search part of the site has you choose between elements of a book or by type of character, plot, or setting, which gave me results that didn’t interest me. The only cool thing is that finding a book by setting is by continent, so that could help broaden horizons a little in a different way.

What Should I Read Next? is the third website I found and has a much cleaner look to it, which I really liked. It seems pretty simple, there is a search box where you type either a book title or author. For my first try, I decided to see what would be recommended based off of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Back to the Future was playing this past weekend on TV and I suddenly want to read a pop culture sci/fi book. There were a few books that I’ve either already read or already placed on my TBR, ones like the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown and Robopocaplyse by Daniel H. Wilson. New books I decided to add were: Lock In by John Scalzi and Reamde by Neal Stephenson.

Overall, I liked the first and third websites the best. The first for the bigger range of what you can get recommendations on and the third for the simplicity and easy navigating.

The Creative Ways to Find Your Next Read From Your TBR List

The Book Jar is something that I’ve seen around a few times on other blogs and on Pinterest. I like this idea because not only are you using books that are already on your TBR list, but you can tailor it how you want. I found this article, Tackling the TBR: The Book Jar on BookRiot and thought it summed things well from this writer’s perspective.

Basically you write down titles of books on pieces of paper and throw them into a jar. The difference you can do is that you can put as many book titles you want into it, you can do various genres or just a few or just one (and you can color code if you want!). Some also pull for every read, every third book, once a month, whenever you want! I think it’s a great way to put any number of books from that huge TBR pile and then pull whenever you want and start getting to all those books you want to read!

Random Number Generator. It’s the best name I could come up with. You know how each book on your main to-read list on Goodreads has corresponding number? Well, similar to the book jar, I figured you can find a random number generator – either an app on your phone, a website, or even just picking one off the top of your head – and picking the book that has that number from your list to read. While it doesn’t require you to write all the titles down and then placing them in a jar, it could end up being a little more complicated. But I may also make this a reading challenge for myself where I create a schedule of sorts where I pre-pick the numbers and then decided when I have to read those ‘numbers’. For examples, for two reads I specifically picked, I have to read numbers 1, 57, 124, etc. etc. It could be a little easier then randomly picking a number on the spot.

How do you like to choose your next read? Do you preplan every month or just pick on a whim? Do you have a Book Jar? What’s your favorite way to find a book recommendation?


13 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Book Recommendations & Choosing Your Next Read

  1. I used to use What Should I Read Next? a long time ago, like back before Goodreads was a thing, but I haven’t used it since. This was a nice reminder that it still exists – I’ll have to add it back into my list of sites.

    Do you listen to any book podcasts, or use anything else for book recommendations (BOTM, or best-seller lists, award lists, etc)?

    Good post! Thanks for sharing :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • There are book podcasts? Wow I really need to find all the book things! haha
      I actually do ‘find’ a lot books through my book Instagram and through other bloggers. I have skimmed award and best-seller lists on occasion, but I haven’t in awhile and I don’t always add those books. I did do a lot of book boxes last year and ended up with a couple new books I’ve never heard of (yet to read though). I do hope to try BOTM really soon though!


      • It sounds like there’s a new podcast coming out from Miss Liberty at Book Riot called All of the Books! It starts 6/23. I already subscribed – super excited!

        And there’s one that’s not always book focused called Sorta Awesome, but the ladies on their are somewhat bookish and recommend stuff from time to time.

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  2. I know of one blogger who uses a random number generator to choose her next book. I don’t usually plan too far out in advance what I’m going to read, maybe like 3 or 4 out. I use my library a ton, so it really depends on them when stuff comes in and when I can get it to decide what I’m going to read next. I usually get recommendations from other blogs or from the giveaways section of Goodreads – I’ve found lots of new books that way.

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    • I started to use the library in my hometown a lot when I was still there a few months back, but I’ve since moved and haven’t been able to get a card yet. And I love the Goodreads Giveaway section!

      Thanks for sharing! :)


    • Hmm, well I actually haven’t read either of these series, so I wouldn’t be able to help based off of content. Depends on if you own any of the first books and if you don’t, whether the library has either. If you want to read both, it’s a matter of what you have access to I guess. Sorry if I’m not more help

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