Bookish Thought: Auto-Buying From Authors

It’s finally Wednesday! Which means that I am that much closer to a long weekend!

While I was writing my Bookish Thought post for last week about DNFing, I started thinking about auto-buy authors. I started to think about authors that I have placed in an auto-buy ‘category’ which led to me thinking about how common this practice is. I also started to wonder what kind of effect it has on book trends or if there isn’t any kind of effect at all.

After going through all the different authors I’ve read books from and figuring out whether they would are auto-buy authors, I came up with the following list of auto-buy authors:

Andy Weir. Even though I’ve only read his one book, the moment I found out about his next book, I instantly put it on my TBR list. I think a big part of it is that he knows how to write great characters set in space. Which apparently are stories that I really really like to read.

Jenny Colgan. I have a huge soft spot for rom-com books. And baking. Jenny Colgan ties these two things really well into her books, though it’s not always baking. I love the main heroines that she creates and they are always on some path to finding bigger pieces of themselves which is something that I always love to read about. Plus, they’re set in the United Kingdom.

Sarah Dessen. She is probably one of the few YA authors that I will never tire of reading. She creates great relatable characters and realistic stories. They’re always a comfort for me to read.

Penny Reid. I rarely ever write or review romance stories on here because one, they’re kind of a guilty pleasure for me, and two, I read them more for the entertainment value and the fact they’re usually really quick reads for me. But I do love the books that Penny Reid has created. I can definitely get behind smart romances.

John Twelve Hawks. I love the worlds he creates and the stories he brings to life – especially since they are very relevant to today’s world. At least to me.

Erin Morgenstern. If she ever writes a second book, I’m buying it.

While I feel like there could be a lot more authors on this list, I realized that I probably have more auto-read authors than auto-buy authors. I never would have thought about this if it weren’t for Reading Through The Nights’ discussion post WHAT IS AN AUTO-BUY AUTHOR? AND DO YOU HAVE THEM?

It’s obvious that those authors I listed above are both auto-buy and auto-read. However, there are some authors that are simply auto-read. And of course, there are way more than what I listed above. But I think, for me at least, that it is an important distinction because while I definitely wish I could just buy every book that I want to read, it isn’t possible unless I have all the money in the world. Plus I don’t have a huge library, so I have to choose which books I want to keep and which ones I’m willing to part with down the road.

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on a new book or author when you just auto-buy or auto-read something?

I also wonder if there any negative, or even positive, impacts from auto-buying authors. Am I missing out on a different book because I don’t always bother to look? I rarely find the time to go to a brick and mortar bookstore anymore and just walk through the bookshelves hoping that one book (or three) will pop out at me. Yes, technically I’m reading what I want and know it’s something that I will enjoy reading, but sometimes I miss the time to go and browse and have fun discovering something new that I didn’t know about.

I guess it would help if brick and mortar bookstores weren’t a possibly slowly dying breed.

I’ll always have my auto-buy and auto-read authors, but I hope that I will continue to discover new books and authors. A balance is always good, right?

Do you have a lot of auto-buy authors? Auto-read authors? Or do you just browse Goodreads or a bookstore and discover new reads that way? 


8 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Auto-Buying From Authors

  1. Awesome discussion post Nicole! I def have some auto-buy authors (Adam Silvera, Pierce brown, Victoria Schwab, Leigh Bardugo, Laini Taylor, Jay Kristoff) & last but not least like you said “Erin Morgenstern. If she ever writes a second book, I’m buying it” HAHA! This def has not stopped me from walking into bookstores though or reading what I want to read. If anything, my auto-buys end up waiting for me to get around to them as silly as it sounds lol. It’s more about supporting my fave author on release week & knowing that when I have the time I have the book at my disposal lol :)

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  2. I have a selection of auto buy authors, but they are specific, and I always ADORE the books they publish. But I also never feel like I am missing out on new authors because I make an effort to but debuts too! Great post!

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  3. Sarah Dessen is great, she’s one of my auto-buy also. My other big one is Maureen Johnson who I learned about through youtube back in the day. I follow her on twitter and just fell in love with her personality and humor IRL. It doesn’t hurt that her books are packed with great characters, adventure, and that smart humor that fills her twitter feed. Before I started blogging I got most of my book recs from her. Books Maureen thought were good enough to tweet about were going to be good reads. I’ve discovered that I’ve been missing out on some amazing authors and books by not seeking out new material on my own. Great post, lots of things to think about here!

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    • I think it can be hard for us readers because we really just want to support authors and literature in general, but we can’t help but love the books and authors that we do. I try to find a balance. Thanks for sharing! :)

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