I Went On a Friend Date!

One of the things that scares me the most about moving out to a new city and state is that I don’t know anyone that I could potentially reach out to for friend stuff. One of the biggest things that I miss is being so close to some of my girlfriends.

After a call with my mom (that kind of left me depressed), I realized that I needed to at least make more of an effort to go out and do things and try to make new friends. For me, I think I would ultimately be okay if just signed up for things, like MeetUp events. But I decided since I couldn’t quite get myself out to some of these MeetUp events, I figured I would try to focus on finding new girlfriends.

I searched for websites and apps that are centered around women finding women friends. I’m signed up for BumbleBFF, but I think it feels too much like dating and with Bumble’s unique factor of the woman having to start the conversation first, I don’t know who is supposed to start a conversation.

So, while BumbleBFF isn’t really working (right now, trying to be optimistic), I found this other App called Hey! Vina. Through this App, I met one girl and talked to her a couple times and then met her for coffee this last weekend. I was really nervous, but then I remembered that this isn’t like a date with a guy and will be way more laid back.

She was really easy to talk to and our conversation lasted a couple hours; she’s meeting up with another girl for brunch this weekend and invited me along. I’ll most likely go and at the very least eat good food and enjoy conversation.

Following through with this friend date and enjoying it, has made realize that meeting up with someone new doesn’t have to be hard or scary. I also realized that I need to stop letting myself just attach to my aunt or cousin’s routine. I’m comfortable right now, which is good, but for me that also means that I’m not going out and doing some of the things that I’ve been thinking about wanting to do.

This has been quite the learning experience, let me tell you.


8 thoughts on “I Went On a Friend Date!

  1. There’s apps to meet friends? I didn’t know that! I have trouble making friends but also getting me to go out also a problem. I think its awesome that you were able to find some success in the apps. I want to know how this works out for you!

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