The Six Month Update

Good Morning/ Afternoon lovelies!

I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile, but never really carved out the time to write it until now.

A few weeks ago I officially passed the six month mark of living in my new state. If you remember from my last Coffee Date post, I finally moved out of my parent’s house and California back at the end of April (2017). Some things have changed and some things have not.

What has changed is that I found a group of girls that are really cool and we try to meet up every few weeks. It’s been really nice to have outings and get togethers like that to look forward to. I also moved twice more with my family that I’m living with, which has been a little crazy, but we’re finally in a permanent place. I finally bought a new bed and a new dresser and am slowly getting my room/ sanctuary in place.

What hasn’t changed is probably the more important things: my job situation, exercise, and social life. I’m still at the job I got when I first moved here, but I’m still only a temp, which means I don’t really get any benefits, I get paid a pretty low rate, and it’s not stable. I’ve been going through the exhausting interview process for the last several months and this last one, which I didn’t get, made me stop and realize I can’t keep dong this for another 6 months. So hopefully I will be brought on permanently where I am temping now. Fingers crossed. I’ve been meaning to try to find a way to create an exercise routine that works for me, but I haven’t made it very far. While I do meet with the group of girls every once in awhile, I still should probably make more of an effort to create a richer social life.

To be honest, I still have no idea where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to be doing or even if I’m still in the right place. Right now, for the most part, I’m comfortable because I have family and I am working, even if it’s not my dream job – which let me be honest I’m still not sure I’ll ever know what that would be. Unless getting paid to read is a thing.

And I definitely still get mini anxiety attacks, but I think I’ve learned to see what it is that’s making me anxious and dealing with it mentally. Doesn’t always work, but I think it’ll always be a work in progress.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring and I’m much better at being okay with that, but I still crave more stability in my life.

So that’s my little life update. Any advice or stories are always welcome :)


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