Book Review: My Last Continent by Midge Raymond

Oh this book. This book left me breathless. This book gave a love story that went beyond distance. My Last Continent by Midge Raymond also made me want to cry and curl into a ball.

I’m really glad that I had a couple weeks to let my mind and heart return to normal after reading this book. Because even though I was expecting some kind of heartbreak based off the blurb and the prologue, it still hit me hard.

my last continent

Even with the sad parts, this book was well worth the read. I never would have even heard about it if someone I follow on Instagram didn’t post a picture of it. Not only did the beautiful cover draw me in, but I was immediately curious given that the majority of the story takes place in Antarctica.

To put it simply, this book is about a beautiful love story set against the harsh, unpredictable, and sometimes unforgiving landscape of Antarctica. Not a story that would be written frequently.

Raymond’s writing matches the beautiful cover. The whole story is written around this big shipwreck and so the chapters go back and forth between present and past, giving insight into Deb as a character and how her and Keller meet and come together. Each chapter set in the past gets closer and closer to present time as the story progresses. What I really liked is that this did not confuse me at all; probably because each chapter is titled to let you know when in the story you are. Raymond effortlessly pulls this story together and reading this story is like floating down a river. It’s like standing in the silence after a snowstorm or what I imagine it’s like standing on Antarctica.

It’s a quiet kind of story, but powerful all the same.

Another aspect that I really, really enjoyed was all the research that Raymond apparently did and put throughout the book regarding the different penguins that live in the Antarctica area and the names of the stations and islands. It really added another dimension to the story.

My Reading Status Updates:

my last continent status.png

I can see this book not being for everyone, but I think it’s worth a read if you ever find yourself able to borrow or buy it.

What are some of your favorite unique love stories?




9 thoughts on “Book Review: My Last Continent by Midge Raymond

  1. Nicole, thanks for this lovely review of MY LAST CONTINENT! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book (though sorry it made you sad…I’m just happy you thought it was worthwhile in the end!). Thanks so much for reading!

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  2. […] This story follows Antarctica penguin researcher Deb who meets fellow Antarctica lover Keller and falls in love. Keller works a cruise ship that takes people out to see the continent. But suddenly an emergency call from the cruise liner comes through to the research vessel that the cruise liner has hit trouble in the dangerous waters. Deb and her fellow researchers turn to rescuers. As Deb helps rescue people, constantly on the lookout for Keller, she remembers how she and Keller met and how tenuous their romance is like Antarctica. Read my review here. […]


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