My Hinge Dating Experience

Out of the three dating apps/ sites I’ve used, Hinge has been, by far, my favorite. I’ve tried OkCupid and Bumble twice, but during two different years/ time periods. If you read my OkCupid review, then you know that they did some much needed updates to the app, which improved my experience the second time around.


While my OkCupid and Bumble experiences weren’t terrible, I find that Hinge is the perfect in-between. This is especially true when it comes to the profile set up. OkCupid’s profile is long with almost too many opportunities for info sharing. Bumble’s profile set up is practically the opposite, where you only have maybe 200 characters to write a blurb about yourself.

Where I think Hinge got it right is allowing each person to customize what questions they get to answer/ info they get to share. Hinge provides probably at least fifty different prompts for a person to answer for their profile; you choose three. In doing that, I may have seen some of the same questions, but not always. Plus, you can choose which order they show up in around your pictures.

That isn’t the only feature I like about Hinge against the other apps. There is no swiping. That’s right, there is no quick swiping right or left, yes or no to only forget about that person or to get sucked into the swiping to just swipe. Instead, Hinge gives you one profile at a time with a simple X on the bottom to say no. The way you say yes or like a person is also another feature that I really like on Hinge. You don’t simply just like a person’s profile, you can specifically like a picture (which includes their Instagram photos if they connect their profile) or specifically like an answer they gave for a prompt. In addition to this new way of ‘liking’, Hinge gives space to leave a comment under that ‘like’, which helps prompt a conversation.

That component may not seem like much, but for me, it made me really focus on each profile. I would take the time to look at their photos as well as see which prompts they chose and how they answered. Some of the prompts even give space for someone to put a question for the person looking at their profile, which is also a great way to start the conversation.

Speaking of conversations, I think that I’ve had better conversations on Hinge, than I have on OkCupid or Bumble. I don’t know if it’s mostly the type of guys I’m matching or the type of guys that are in my area or what, but they’ve been better quality conversations.

The only drawback with any dating app, at least for me, is how many people you can match with. On the one side, it’s great because you have options in case one match fades. However, I find that I stop trying to start any new conversations once a match and I meet up in person and move to texting.

Currently, I’m texting with my most recent match from Hinge. We’ve had our first date, but because of our schedules, I probably won’t see him until early next week. While it makes me antsy that we haven’t gotten to our second date yet (only because I like him), I don’t want to impede on this experience by starting another conversation with someone else that may not go anywhere (which isn’t fair to the other person).

Even with the usual drawbacks when it comes to using dating apps or online dating, Hinge is definitely my top choice out of the three I’ve tried.

Do you have a Hinge dating app experience you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

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