Dating in the Digital Age: My Thoughts

The other week The Economist magazine came across my desk with several article headlines related to dating, particularly in today’s digital age. As some of you may know or have read some of my previous posts, then you’ll know that I jumped back into the dating pool/ world/ whatever you want to call, it a few months ago.

As some of you fellow daters may know or agree with, dating in today’s world isn’t always enjoyable. There are parts or situations that come up fairly often that just suck. From bad dates to ghosting and all the new words out there (like zombie-ing, I mean what?), dating in the digital age has its negatives.

However, according to The Economist’s Modern Love article, there are a lot more positives that online dating has supported or created; many of which is not always noticed. According to the article, there is research that shows/ suggests that married couples who met online are far happier than those who met offline. There are also more educational, racial, and other social barriers that are being broken through because of online dating and the multitude of choices offered.

Which is sometimes a negative; with so many ‘choices’, some are more likely to be pickier when choosing to match with someone.

Which is something that I noticed that I sometimes do, but mostly with dating apps that utilize the swiping feature. I have since deleted OkCupid and Bumble, but I noticed that I tend to take more time on deciding if I’m going to swipe yes or no. I did this by not only looking at their photos, but also their profile. Because physical chemistry isn’t the only factor for a relationship.

While I enjoy the positives that online/app dating have, like allowing the chance to connect with someone I wouldn’t have otherwise, there are some factors that I won’t ever like. Like the ease of ghosting someone or people using dating apps or sites to just hookup or even just to get a free meal or maybe even using it to pump their ego.

Luckily, this second time around for me has had less negative experiences than my first time dating with dating apps and sites.

Even though I am ready to date and find a relationship right now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times I want to delete all the apps until further notice. Because dating in the digital age is exhausting. Some apps make the process more exhausting than others (at least in my experience), but it still happens. You generally have to do a lot of sifting through the bad apples or the ‘there’s no connection’ apples until you get some good ones.

I was already cautious when I started a few months ago, but that sifting process has definitely made me more cautious. But not ready to give up just yet.

What are thoughts on dating in this digital age?

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