Bookish Thought: Twitter

I’ve had a twitter account since 2014. I’m pretty sure I created it once this blog started to gain some ground because I wanted to post any book reviews there. The only problem is that I never really understood Twitter that much or why people love it so much. In any case, I just kind of dropped off of Twitter though I never deleted my account. This was solidified after I read Dave Eggers’ The Circle.

Now I’m wondering if I should try to utilize Twitter again or just not have it. And that is where this post comes in! I know that many book bloggers and authors have Twitter and use it link book reviews and other book related articles.

It seems like it’s a lot of work to keep on top of other’s tweets and your own. However, used right and consistently and it could help blog traffic, etc.

But that’s the thing – while I enjoy seeing people coming to my blog and reading, I don’t have this need to have those numbers get higher and higher. Blogging has become a huge hobby of mine and I mainly do it for myself.

And that’s why I have always wondered if it’s even worth it. I like the idea of tagging authors of books that I read and wrote a review for, especially if it’s a book I highly enjoyed. But I also think I would be okay not experiencing any of it.

So, do you have a Twitter? Do you think it’s worth it? Or do you think it doesn’t matter?

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9 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Twitter

    • Thank you! I’m not sure how many I have, but it’s definitely under 50. The only thing is that many of those are just friends.


  1. I like using Twitter to catch up with friends and promote things and honestly to just vent. I’m slowly getting back into blogging because lately, my thoughts have been getting too much for Twitter especially since traffic can move rather quickly. Also, it’s very distracting from reading/writing anyway.

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