Book Review: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

I’m late to this game, but I finally picked up the heavily gushed about Geekerella by Ashley Poston! It has fairy tale retelling and fandom
aspects plus a food truck!

Besides seeing a lot of great reviews for this book, I wanted to read it for all the expected nerdiness and romcom aspects; I was not disappointed.

The story follows Elle Wittimer who is a geek girl that lives for the show Starfield, a classic science-fiction show she grew up watching with her dad. This is one of the main things that allowed me to connect with Elle as a character. I grew up watching a variety of movies and shows with own my dad and some definitely hold great memories. Watching the show is also one of the only ways she can connect with her late father and those memories.

Elle soon finds out about a cosplay contest at the convention for the series with the grand prize being a ticket to the con’s cosplay ball and a meet and greet with the new Starfield commander actor. The only obstacle? Her stepsisters.

Darien is the other POV in this novel and the one to play the new Starfield commander. Darien finds himself feeling like a fake and confused about where his life and acting career are going. Until he meets a girl at the cosplay ball who shows otherwise.

Oh man was this book full of cuteness and great nerd culture. This book shows just how great it is to nerd and geek out over something especially when a huge community comes together for it.

While Elle was fairly easy for me to connect with, I had a little trouble with Darien. I don’t know if it’s because he’s supposed to be this teen actor heartthrob or because I didn’t find him to be very unique or have unique traits. I just think something was missing a little from his character.

Even with this novel being a retelling of the classic Cinderella story, I thought Poston did a wonderful job making it her own. She wrote the characters very well with just enough complexity to make them interesting until the very end of the book; they weren’t the most deep of characters yet I don’t think this story suffered too much because of that. Of course Elle’s stepmother and stepsisters did not act any different than expected, however, some of the motivations and behaviors were different enough to add to the story and Elle’s journey.

Overall, for a fun fairy tale retelling, I definitely recommend!

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