Seek Dating Advice Online in Moderation

In the last several months, I found a particular kind of love for Reddit. I’ve posted and replied to posts across several subreddits including the one for dating.

However, in the last month, I realized how negative that subreddit is because everyone keeps posting about the frustrations of online dating and the new trends that come with it, which most tend to be negative or detrimental.

I also noticed that while it’s so easy to post a question and wait to get answers without doing much work, sometimes the responses I get are slight attacks on me and my behavior or generally just not very helpful answers. And that doesn’t exactly help keep me positive and optimistic while trying to date in this modern age.

Articles across different online magazines and websites are better yet most are written by different people who writing for these websites is their job or side hustle. Sure, they could have enough experience to give their take on dating aspects, which of course you don’t have to listen to, but the whole reason why someone would go searching is to have someone tell them what to do or what something means.

I just learned that some things should be maybe be learned the hard way rather than going online and getting someone else’s answer.

There is also the fact that it’s hard to put everything into words when you post a question to the internet, especially what you’re feeling.

This post was inspired by the events of my most recent question that I posted to the dating subreddit. All I got were answers from guys who thought everything was my fault; basically all negative and slight attacks on me. When I looked back at what I posted, I realized that I used more negative words in my title and didn’t give all the important details. Like what my gut was telling me.

I realized that it’s more important to listen to myself and what I’m feeling and really look at what I want out of a relationship. With that, I also realized that maybe leaning too heavily on people of the internet and online advice articles isn’t healthy. Like many things in life, looking for advice or what to do from the internet should be done in moderation.


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