Book Review: Heart-Shaped Hack by Tracey Garvis Graves

I think I’m going to be one in the minority about how I didn’t love Heart-Shaped Hack. Though I definitely understand why so many enjoyed this one.

I was surprised that this book fell flat for me since it has a smart and handsome hacker who acts as a modern day Robin Hood, except that he tends to hack and steal from those who are thieves in others way or just not good people. And then we have Kate who left her career as a lawyer to open a food bank.

Kate’s food bank starts to get generous donations each month from an anonymous donor and she’s determined to find the person and thank them. What ensues is what I expected to be a good meet-cute between her and Ian.

I was so wrong. Sure, it definitely qualified as a meet-cute, but it seemed really rushed as did their following relationship. I couldn’t connect with either of them separately and definitely not together. Ian was this weird mix of creepy and charming. Kate saw that yet she didn’t stand her ground for that long on her views of his hacking and what he privileged himself to. That made me disappointed.

I was also disappointed that this threat that started to hang around Ian was always kind of in the background to their relationship; I wanted to see more of that suspense.

In the end, while it had plenty of cute moments, it couldn’t redeem this book for me.

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