Bookish Thought: Negative Book Reviews

I hate having to write a book review that leans more towards negative rather than positive. I always want to be able to gush about a book I just read. Unfortunately, I’m not always going to write a gushing book review because I’m not always going to love or even really like a book. That tends to happen when I decide to read a new to me author or a genre that I don’t read often.

I think writing a negative book review is a delicate process. I don’t think that a review that is completely scathing because it would be way to easy to hide behind a screen and the internet and tear the writer and their book to pieces with the false feeling of that action not having any consequences.

It is far too easy to let a mean side out when we’re dealing with the internet and more anonymity than if we were talking to in real life.

I believe that if you don’t like a book you should definitely say so and definitely explain why, but do so in a constructive way. I see many reviewers state that the author’s writing style just isn’t for them or the plot was just a little too slow for them. These reasons seem constructive to me and show how much a reader’s preference impacts their reading experience. It also in no way tells the author that they’re terrible and should never write a book again.

I try to do the same when I find myself struggling with having to tell the internet/ world that I didn’t like a book; that I didn’t like someone else’s words that chose to share with the world.

How do you write a negative or a not so positive book review? What are your general thoughts on negative book reviews?

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4 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Negative Book Reviews

  1. I think it’s ok to write a negative review if you have a good reason why you didn’t like it, but you should be considerate how you phrase it because a person out there spent time and effort writing that book and there could be other people out there who really enjoyed it. How good a book is tends to be subjective.

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  2. I agree, I think it is important to always be honest about your feelings on a book.

    I know that sometimes your just not in the mood for that book, or life got in the way so you end up reading it disjoined, so I think it’s important to explain when that happens too. Explaining why you didn’t enjoy a book I think is so important, for both the author and other reads who are basing their reading choice from your review. For example, I you didn’t enjoy a book because it focused too much on the romance element, that might not be a negative for other who enjoy a more romance focus to their reading.

    Reading it so much about personal preference, and taste all we can do is give our option!

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