Running Chronicles: Getting Back Into My Running Shoes

It’s been roughly two years since I last posted about a race I ran. I forgot to post about the first race I did in Colorado after I moved. Not that it was a great run for me.

Since then I have tried and failed numerous times to get my body back in endurance running shape with running and strength training. And have found myself in a cycle of starting and sticking to a routine for a few weeks and then dropping off for longer and then starting again.

Getting back into shape after any kind of hiatus is hard. Just like sticking to the habit of exercising is hard.

The past two months or so I’ve done better, especially with the weather turning to spring/ summer. I still find myself struggling to stick to running or doing strength training during the week. I am proud of myself for running every Saturday though.

Though I’m not sure I will survive the 6.2 mile race I have coming up in two weeks.

To be honest, I find it odd that I am so determined to get back into running shape since I don’t exactly love running. Or maybe a love/ hate relationship is a better way to describe it. 

As I train for this upcoming race, I am reminded about how it’s the feelings I get from running that I have come to enjoy. 

I love the feeling of determination that comes over me when I start thinking that I’m not going to make it to the finish line. 

I love the feeling of accomplishment and pride of myself that I get when I do cross that finish line.

I love that running is one of the sports that is all inclusive of age, gender, and skill level. If you have two legs, you are a runner. (You and your body just don’t know it yet).

What I don’t love is the exhaustion from training and the race or the muscle fatigue or the feeling that I’m not getting enough air. Luckily, those feelings go away fairly quickly.

While the struggle is quite real in getting back into shape, I know that the above feelings that I do love, will help make it worth it.

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