Bookish Thought: Balancing Work & Life with Blogging

I am behind on maybe 10 book reviews (possibly more) plus other posts that I want to do for this blog. I’ve been struggling with finding time to sit down and write up posts; writing ahead of time and scheduling them is way easier.

I work full time and still have a commute that is on the long side plus my social life includes friends and dating. Add in my main hobbies, which is mainly reading, baking, and blogging. I also haven’t found time to get back into baking either or to train for a running race I have this Fall or even work out!

On one hand, it’s nice to see that I have a full life; it’s rewarding. However, it starts to not be so fun when I start stressing a little over the fact that I’m behind on blogging posts and book reviews.

I know one of the easiest ways to find time is to make time. I need to pick a day and time that would work best for writing up posts and scheduling them. I did initially plan on starting a habit, but then couldn’t find the time to follow through!

Maybe I need to read that habit book that’s been sitting on my shelf.

What do you do to balance work (or school or both), life, hobbies, and then blogging?

8 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Balancing Work & Life with Blogging

    • I think for next year I’m going to get a planner just for blogging to help me keep on the schedule I made. I use my apple calendar on my phone for everything else, which seems to work.


  1. If you ever figure it out, let me know! I’m so so busy these days and I hate that it turns book blogging into a more stressful activity when it’s supposed to be fun.

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    • Yes, exactly! I want my blog to always be enjoyable and to do that I need to keep up with the blogging. I’ll definitely do an update if I ever figure something out that works!

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  2. One of the tricks I’ve discovered for keeping a balanced life is to not add my hobbies and what I truly enjoy to my ‘to-do’ list. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve had to shift from a 9-5 (haha, yeah-right!) job as a teacher to being self-employed and sending invoices to regular employers (I’m now an Editor). The temptation to feel beholden by needing to write a blog post / read that book / bake some cakes is too much. I’ve found that as soon as I added ‘write post about ____’ on my to-do list, it took the joy out of writing. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty; sometimes you will find time to read, write and bake – other weeks you won’t. And that is just fine. X

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