Home Items I Can’t Wait to Buy

I’m currently in an intense saving mode (or desperately trying to be) for a down payment on a house. Which is scary and exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.

I cannot wait until I’m in a space, bigger than a bedroom, that will be all mine. Mine to do what I want with. Which mostly includes me dreaming up decor ideas and scouring pinterest for more. So, here is my list of my top items that I’m currently the most excited to buy.

The Home Items


How could I not be excited to buy matching bookshelves and create my own little library?

Reading Chair

With a library/ reading nook comes the need for an awesome reading chair to curl up in.

Bed Frame

I haven’t had a bed frame for almost three years now .. I swear I’m an adult.

Pictures/ Picture Frames

I have this image in my head where my library (room or corner or whatever) will have a wall of paintings I’ve picked up from my travels. I also want to display a lot of family and friends photos around my future home.

Dining room table

I really hope to host my friends one night for a dinner/ get together and a dining table is definitely needed for that.

Tea Kettle

Gotta have my tea kettle!


I know I’ll want a wreath for Thanksgiving and Christmas to put on my front door, but other than that, I’m actually not entirely sure what kind of decor I want and for what holidays. But it will be fun to figure it out!

What did you first buy after your first home??

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