Creating a Home Library

AKA I need ideas!

I’m in the middle of closing on a condo (SO many feelings) and since it’s only a one bedroom, one bathroom, I need to figure out where to place my future library.

So far, I’ve been stuck. My original idea of how my shelves would be won’t really work in my new space. I wanted to have short and wide shelves and then have my travel map and other wall hangings above.

Now, it seems more likely and possibly smarter to do the shelves on the wall. But that’s if I keep my books in my living space. There’s also a fairly large wall space in the bedroom that I can utilize.

I know an option is to do both, but I’ve always dreamed of having all of my books together in one area. With a reading chair (which might still happen, just not separate from the couch/ living room area).

Please help me with ideas … what does your home library look like?

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11 thoughts on “Creating a Home Library

  1. Honestly, I can see doing both. I have so many books, so I don’t think one room would be totally practical. And I do like the idea of being surrounded by books everywhere in my apartment. Maybe you can move everything in and then see where it would fit best?

    Congrats on closing on your condo! That’s huge!

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  2. I am of little help as I opted for one small bookshelf with reference books and let my local library take on the challenge of my other reading needs. Small spaces are challenging!

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  3. Currently my home library looks like stacked boxes filled with books, but on the positive side I do have a room that I want to turn into a library. I’m envisioning ceiling to floor book shelves with one of those gliding ladders like in Beauty and the Beast, an electric fireplace (only because it will be too expensive to put a real one in), a large comfy chair to read in, and a desk so that I have a space to work on my own books.

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    • ooh, that sounds so lovely!! I had hoped to be able to have that, but I will have to make do with the whole house being a library I guess, haha


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