Book Lover (and Other) Struggles During Quarantine

Technically, I’m not under quarantine, just under a shelter in place slash stay at home order (except for essential activities). After writing my Top Ten Tuesday post for this week, I realized that I haven’t read nearly as many books as usual so far this year.

Now, none of that is due to the COVID virus, not really. I’m in the middle of packing to move into my new place, which is the biggest reason.

It did, however, make me think of the usual things that I’m used to doing that I can’t while all these stay at home orders are in place.

I can’t go to the library

This one was the hardest. Sometimes I’ll just swing by the library and walk through the aisles. Sometimes I leave with a few books that I didn’t plan on and sometimes I don’t.

I can’t go to the bookstore

Similar reasons as to the above. There is just something about popping into the bookstore and wandering through the aisles.

I can’t meet up with my friends

I was lucky to see some of my friends before the orders starting happening. But I’m itching to meet up with them again for brunch or a hike.

I can’t go shopping in-store for my new place

This one is hard since I need to eventually get new towels, cloths, napkins, etc. I can’t go to Bed Bath and Beyond, the Container Store, or HomeGoods. Shopping online only gets me so far.

I can’t do date nights

This was one is hard too and mostly because the guy and I had only started seeing each other maybe three weeks before everything started shutting down. We’ve been texting quite a lot, but that only helps so much when there is still so much to learn about somebody else.

I’m not getting my usual social interaction each day

While I’m an introvert, I need the social interaction and structure from going into work everyday. While I’m the person tapped by my company to be the only one allowed into the office to check mail and other things, I’m still the only one in the office.

While this list is supposed to be a little more fun than serious, it’s still hard for an introvert like me who needs the balance with every day social interaction, especially moving into a place by myself. I had all these plans to join a gym, and a running club, etc that now I have to wait at least a couple more months until I can do that.

What are some things that you’re missing while quarantine orders are in place?


5 thoughts on “Book Lover (and Other) Struggles During Quarantine

    • Yup! Very thankful to be a reader and a blogger though. I have some ebooks to read and some still on my shelf to read. Doing blog posts and communicating through my blog has been helpful too


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