My Binge Watch List, pt. 2

Back in March, when quarantine was a definite thing happening, I figured I would start to watching a lot of shows, new, current, and old. I listed them out in the first part of shows I’ll probably binge watch.

With the recent release of HBO Max and Netflix seemingly dropping original content all the time, there are some shows that have been added.

I’m completely caught up on Luther, still in the middle of Peaky Blinders, and have yet to start any of the other shows.

The Shows

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

I can finally watch the final season!

Killing Eve (BBC America)

My friend (who is always recommending things to me) told me that I should give this one a shot.

Hollywood (Netflix)

A lot of people like it and I always enjoy period pieces from time to time.

Westworld (HBO)

I’ve just always been curious.

Trial by Media (Netflix)

I’m not usually a documentary person, but this one seems interesting.

Space Force (Netflix)

I don’t know why, but I’m so excited about starting this one.

What have you watched lately that you’re excited about?

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