My 2020 Book Blogger Awards Nominations

I only sort of knew that the Book Blogger Awards was a thing. And then I saw Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books’s post that she’s co-hosting this year and thought that it would be really fun to participate. Especially since I’ve never done so before … I’m so excited to show some blogger love!

So I decided that I would nominate a few bloggers for some of the categories (not sure I’ll have nominations for every category). There is also a big possibility that I will nominate someone that has already won. For those that I don’t nominate, that is no way a reflection of your blog or you as a blogger – you’re still awesome!

The Categories

Best of Their Age

Honestly, most bloggers I follow fall into this category, which made it much more difficult to narrow it down, because there’s something that I like with each blogger I follow. With Drew and Cat, I always enjoy reading their posts and I feel like I’m always learning of new books or authors through them. They also seem like really fun people in general and I can see that throughout their respective blogs.

Best Genre

I can always count on Deanna writing up a review post on a recent romance novel!

Even though I love the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, I somehow don’t follow many that almost solely read books out of the genres. However, I’ve added quite a few books to my TBR because of Drew‘s reviews.

With Aimal, I get something similar, but also different. I know that doesn’t make sense and I don’t know how to explain it, but her reviews are insightful, especially with fantasy novels.

I recently discovered Jason’s blog and I’m very happy that I have! Since I’m deep in a fantasy reading mood, I’m excited to dive into his reviews .. he has a great way of describing.

There are a lot of reasons why I would head over to Stephanie’s blog. While I’m currently not reading a lot of books from this genre(s), I always enjoy reading her posts about them.

Best of Book Blogging

This was another hard category to narrow considering that one of the main reasons I like to follow a blog is because of review posts. I chose Jess’s blog because she adds a lot of fun twists with her review posts with some sassiness, which I will always appreciate.

I chose Flavia because she writes review posts that are just the right length and give me all the details I would need and want. Plus, she tends to review books that fall into my reading tastes, which is always nice.

Marie’s reviews are insightful and detailed without becoming too lengthy. She has a wonderful voice that is easy to read in her words and I appreciate that she distinguishes different details with formatting. She also is a lovely person, based on the few interactions we’ve had.

I love discussion posts! I love coming up with interesting post ideas just as much as I love reading other blogger’s posts. Stephanie’s discussion posts are always insightful and concise, but never too short or boring. I also appreciate that chooses topics that go well with what’s happening around the world.

I don’t think I’ve been following The Orangutan Librarian for that long, but their discussion posts always take a unique angle on a topic and they have fun with it. I like that I can read a discussion post that makes me smile and think at the same time.

Jamie has been blogging for a decade and has gone through various life stages, which shows in her posts. Her blog and her discussion posts are a great reflection on her decade (possibly longer) journey as a reader, reviewer, and blogger, which is such a treat to be a part of.

Ooh, this a fun category! I have a lot of envy for those that can really make their blog shine through graphics, coordinated color schemes, etc. Tiffany and Flavia’s blogs are no different. While the two look very different, they are both beautiful in their own and it’s always a visual treat to stop by their respective blogs. Nikki’s blog is another recent discovery and I’ve come to appreciate her simple but beautiful design and layout of her blog.

It doesn’t surprise me much that I’m nominating Drew and Jess for this category. They both have their own unique voice on their blog that is always a lot of fun to read. As for the lovely ladies at Wordy and Whimsical, I don’t know if it’s because there are three of them, but I just love reading their posts (even though I’m new to their blog).


Similar to their discussion posts, The Orangutan Librarian seems to always have a unique post idea to share from musings to lists with an interesting angle.

Nyx comes up with some of the most interesting and fun post ideas. They’re also so much fun to read and they make me wish that I came up with the idea too. Or maybe first. I’ve really come to enjoy this addition to Drizzle and Hurricane Books.

I am sadly not as a diverse reader as I should or want to be! And that is where Alicia and Aimal come in! They both are strong advocates for diversity in books and reading diverse authors. It’s been really nice and helpful to know that their blogs are always a resource for diversity. I’ve recently rediscovered Qui’s blog as I believe she’s back blogging from a hiatus (?); either way she has a huge number of reviews from BIPOC authors as well as LGBTQIA authors. I can’t wait to read more of her posts as she continues to blog!

Most Importantly

Again, while I find something that I thoroughly enjoy with every blogger I follow, I always find time to stop by The Orangutan Librarian blog and Stephanie’s blog. I always know that I’m going to find something that I want to read or comment on.

I obviously went on a recent trip through finding new blogs and I stumbled on Nicole’s wonderful blog. While I haven’t had a chance to dive into her backlog of posts from earlier this year, I can already tell I’m going to really enjoy reading her posts, especially her book reviews.

And those are my nominations! Even if most of my nominations may be past winners, I’m okay with that. I got to share and spread some love around the blogosphere today and that makes it worth it. I can’t wait to vote and find new bloggers to follow!

I will say that doing these nominations made me realize that I need to up my community engagement game. I’ll have to set aside time every week to read posts, etc. in addition to writing up posts.

Are you nominating any fellow bloggers? Want to give a shout out to a blog in general? Drop a comment, I’d love to hear!

22 thoughts on “My 2020 Book Blogger Awards Nominations

  1. Thank you so, so much Nicole for taking the time to participate in the Book Blogger Awards and for sharing your nominations! πŸ₯Ί I’m honored (and a tiny bit emotional, not going to lie) seeing my name here as well, thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me, I’m so thrilled that you enjoy my book reviews!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­ and I 200% agree, Nyx has some of the most creative ideas ever!
    As our rules this year states it, we aimed for small bloggers to be recognized as well and, if I did this right, I didn’t spot any but one smaller blogger (<500 followers on their blog) in your nominations. Are there 2, or at least 1 smaller bloggers you could think of that you would like to recognize in the awards as well, so we can count your nominations?πŸ₯°
    Thank you once again for participating! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! Yes, I know – I tried, but a lot of them that I wanted to choose haven’t been active in the time frame required … definitely has me searching for new blogs

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! Let me know if you can edit your nominations to add one or two smaller bloggers, and I can take them into account then! Thank you so much!! πŸ₯°

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi! Okay, I went back through some of the blogs and I was able to add another sci-fi (though I couldn’t tell if it’s small), another blogging voice, blog aesthetic, diverse reads, and new blogger …. thanks for letting me know I could update! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • This is absolutely perfect, thank you so, so much for your nominations and for your time spending boosting book bloggers. This means so, so much, thank you!! πŸ₯°

        Liked by 1 person

  2. THANK YOU so much for the multiple nominations! This really means a lot to me! You’ve been such an amazing follower/reader/fellow blogger from the very beginning and I really appreciate you.

    And to be in the same category as The Orangutan Librarian is just 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hallo, Hallo Nicole,

    I am wicked happy finding you’ve named some bloggers I know in your nominations!! The others are all new to me and I am looking forward to visiting with them!! This is why I am thankful I could participate this year for the first time – to share joy and praise about the bloggers I nominated. I’ve been adding the posts I’m finding to a mini blogroll under my own noms list to help everyone find them.

    Perhaps we share some mutuals on my noms list?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yay, I’m glad! I realized when I started finding bloggers to nominate that so many I would have nominated haven’t blogged in a year or more. I realized I needed to go find some new bloggers to follow, which I definitely did during this first round. I’m glad that I got to participate as well!

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