Downsizing My Massive TBR

This was supposed to be another Down the TBR Hole, where I was initially going to start where I left off for volume 52, but as my TBR on Goodreads started to rise towards 1,000 again (all these new books!), I realized that maybe I need to refocus and look at whether I’m going to make the time and effort to actually pick up the book.

For example, there are a lot of YA books that I was really interested in reading 4-5 years ago. However, I’ve grown and my reading tastes and habits have also grown and changed. While that doesn’t mean I won’t ever pick up another YA book, it just means I’ll be more picky.

So I decided to start from the beginning again and just go though the books, read the blurbs, really stop and think if I’m going to read it. There’s always a chance that someone else will read it and remind me; prompting me to re-add it and that’s okay.

I think I’m just going a little crazy with my general TBR getting so high. I have a bad habit of placing books on my TBR so that I won’t forget about them. Except that I do because, the list gets longer and those books get lost.

Right now, I have 916 books on my general TBR list. I honestly think that there could be close to 100, at least, that I could take off.

As I started to go through the books, I realized compared to years ago, I’m just more selective about what I choose to read or place on my TBR. I don’t have any kind of criteria that I follow – though it would be so much easier if I did. I simply think about when I’m in the mood for YA or fantasy or general fiction, will I go back and find this book on my list and do what I can to find it in order to read it? If it’s not available through my library, what is the likelihood of me finding a discounted version or buying it in general?

If the answer is really not likely, I’m probably going to remove it from my TBR. At least my current goal is to simply read the majority of my owned backlist.

Have you gone back multiple times to cull your TBR? Do you have criteria that you follow to decide if you keep a book on your TBR?

2 thoughts on “Downsizing My Massive TBR

    • Yes exactly! I think I was just annoyed with myself and figured out that some books were on there just in case I go around to reading them. I really just want to read what I read, you know?

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