Environmentally Conscious Home Products I Love

While I started officially looking for my first home to buy back in Fall of 2019, I didn’t start to seriously think about what kind of products I would want in my home until maybe February 2020.

I have always strived to be environmentally conscious with my decisions, especially when it comes to buying cleaning and food products.

I’ve been living in my new place for a couple months now and I wanted to share some of the products that I have come to love. None of the links I provide are affiliate links.

Paper Products

I went into living on my own in my new home with a goal of never buying and using single use paper (other than tissue). I will say that it was hard at first, because I used to us paper towels as big napkins, especially if I were going to eat somewhere other than the dining table. To do this, I’ve tried and enjoyed the following:

Marley’s Monsters UnPaper Towels

This brand has become quite popular since launching in 2013. I love the fact that it’s a US company (I also love that they’re an Oregon based company)! I’ve only had them for a couple weeks now, but they are easy to grab to clean up a mess or use as a napkin.

Not only are their products reusable, but they also practice other eco-friendly ways such as plastic-free packaging and avoiding fabric waste by donating any scraps they do have to be upcycled.

Cloth Napkins

I knew without a doubt that I would immediately switch to cloth napkins upon moving into my place and never buy a single use napkin. I’ve gotten some weird remarks from some family and friends about using them and cleaning them. However, they’ve worked well for me so far, though I will say that I haven’t had to use them as often I thought. My style leans more boho, so I opted to buy these mixed pattern ones from Anthropologie.

Cleaning Products

Picking the right cleaning products took a lot more time than I thought it would as well deciding where to buy them from. The main brand that I went with is Mrs. Meyers, which is popular enough to be available through different stores.

Mrs. Meyers

I’m starting with Mrs. Meyers All-Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Cleaning Scrub, Dish Soap, and Hand Soap. The one thing that I’m unsure of is the toilet cleaner and that’s only because it comes out really fast so I fear that I’m wasting some of it. Also, I strongly suggest getting the same scent or complimentary scents in everything. My all-purpose cleaner is rose scented and the toilet cleaner is lavender and they’re strong, which makes them clash in the bathroom for a little while.

I buy all of this from Grove Collaborative.

Dropps Laundry and Dishwasher Pods

I was most excited to try out this brand because they’re eco-friendly, plastic-free, zero-waste, and doesn’t use fillers or dyes. I will say that the dishwasher pods sure know how to clean! I drink an average of two cups of tea each day, which creates a lot of tea stained mugs that were always hard to clean the stains out. Well, stick dishwasher safe mugs in with one of these pods, and boom! no more tea stains! It was awesome! I will say that I look forward to being able to buy a scented one next time.

I tend to use safe for sensitive skin products, so I’ve been using their sensitive skin laundry pods with fresh scent and I’ve really liked it so far. Clothes come out clean and smelling like clean laundry.

What products do you love to use and always rave about?

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