Limiting My #ownvoices ARCs Requests

Originally this post was going to be titles should I be requesting and reviwing #ownvoice ARCs .. but honestly that would have been a short post considering the short answer is no, not really.

I am a white, straight, American woman in her late twenties. While I appreciate books that bring much needed diversity to the reading table, when it comes to reviewing such books as ARCs, I don’t have the proper point of view or experience to correctly read, review, and critique Own Voices books for the publisher, editor, author, or whoever takes/ reads our ARC reviews.

This idea came to me when a friend of a friend talked about it on her bookstagram (her handle is ilikebooksalatte – check her out!)

Before reading that Instagram post of hers about this, I honestly didn’t think much of it. And that’s on me. Based off the book blogging and book Instagram community that I see, I know that this community is very diverse. However, that doesn’t mean that the reader base being approved or sent ARCs are representative of that diversity. (I have no idea if there is a way for us to find that out). Though it does seem that publishers are trying to make more of an effort to give voice to the diverse stories and authors (please tell me if I’m wrong on this, though I don’t want to be).

I know that there are many types of Own Voices – the only category that I can properly read and review are Me Too books, which is probably its own category altogether.

At the end of the day, I will be making the effort to leave Own Voice ARCs to Own Voice book reviewers. I will just have to be patient like the majority for when the book gets published.

What are your thoughts on own voices arcs?

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