Health + Wellness Promoting Habits I Hope to Keep

Happy weekend! I’ve been looking forward to the weekends more and more, which definitely has to do with the whole working from home thing. While I find that I enjoy many aspects and perks that comes with working from home, the one, big downfall is not having a separate work space. I live in a one bedroom place, which means I’ve been working off my dining table. Not being able to have a way to completely keep work separate has been harder than I anticipated.

I will say that I was doing really well with the quarantine, stay at home orders, and most leisure places of business being closed for so long. However, some time during this month (August), I finally started to really feel the antsy-ness of staying home most of the time.

Since I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before for a while now, I was inspired to try some small/ easy to start habits that will hopefully help with my mental and physical health and wellness.

The Habits

Gratitude Journaling

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I’ve heard so many people talk about how wonderful the effects are of daily gratitude journaling. I started last week and while I haven’t been doing it long enough to see huge effects, I can see why so many people end up with better mental health. Especially during these weird times with the pandemic, it’s good to remind oneself about all the good things that happen. I will say that it has been hard to always write something down since I’m not always doing something new.

Working Out

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I started to go to Orange Theory work out class about a month ago. I knew I needed to find something that was going to help me stay in some kind of shape and be healthy. Since reading Rubin’s book, I’ve learned that I need a way to be held accountable for new habits, especially something like working out, which I can always take or leave. I enjoy the classes at Orange Theory because it’s get my heart rate up, it’s working my muscles, and I essentially get a personal trainer who tells me what to do for an hour, just in a group setting. The accountability comes in the form of having to pay each month plus have a coach during class that gives the feeling of someone else holding you accountable.

Daily Yoga

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Since I started to work out regularly twice a week, I’m starting to feel certain muscles get tight .. something I’ve always experienced. I always enjoy a yoga class that focuses more on the stretching. However, none of the yoga studios near me have opened up the doors again. I pushed against online classes because it’s just not the same. However, I decided to give Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube a try since it’s free. So far, I’ve done a class of hers almost every day. It’s easier for me to do her 20 minutes or less classes. Weekends are harder to stick to this habit, but it’s been nice so far. She’s a great teacher.


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So I haven’t started baking again since I moved into my new place. However, lately, I’ve been wanting to try so many new recipes. I think part of it is that I don’t love my kitchen (it will get redone at some point) and I don’t have any way of giving off baked goodies to others. Which means that I might eat everything I bake. That would be me eating 24 cookies! Probably over a couple days. I have no self control when it comes to cookies.

Have you started any new habits since the pandemic basically shut things down? Let me know in a comment!

P.S. I finally got gifs figured out!

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