Mini Reviews: The Story of More by Hope Jahren + Becoming by Michelle Obama

I feel like I’ve read/ listened to so many nonfiction books this year, at least since April 2020, when you know, the world imploded a little.

Which made listening to these two nonfiction books really nice. And a great decision. They both were easy listens, but also had hope and strength infused into the words, regardless if that was the intent or not.

Titles link to Goodreads

The Story of More by Hope Jahren

Hope Jahren is an excellent writer. I loved her voice. She talks about how while the human race is amazing, we find ourselves in a place where our inventions and behaviors has created excess. Of so many things. And that excess is contributing to climate change. She presents facts to create this image as you read, but not once did it feel like I was reading/ listening to some heavy scientific nonfiction book. Jahren is able to make it feel like we’re reading a story, even though it’s not fiction. Protecting the environment is a huge interest of mine and I found this book to be a great starting point or even a reminder of why and how climate change is such a huge current issue. I borrowed the audiobook from the library, but loved it so much that I bought a hardcopy.

“all of the want and suffering in the world-all of it-arises not from the earth’s inability to produce but from our inability to share.”

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is just one of those women that shouldn’t need much explanation for why we look up to her and genuinely like her, even if we don’t know her. She was an accomplished women before she met Barack, before she became the First Lady, and she continues to be so. I really enjoyed hearing about her childhood, her family, her journey to becoming a lawyer and then meeting Barack and how their joined journey brought them to the White House. I could hear how genuine, kind, and smart she was through her stories. Even if someone didn’t align with the politics of the Obama era, you can’t not like Michelle Obama and enjoy her stories and wisdom that she shares in this memoir. But that’s just me.

“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

Have you read either of these nonfiction books? What were your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: The Story of More by Hope Jahren + Becoming by Michelle Obama

  1. I read and also listened to “Becoming” and it is amazing! I love hearing her voice, it’s so pleasant and optimistic! Recently she launched a podcast on Spotify, if you’re interested in hearing more of her views on the world 🙂

    Haven’t heard of “The Story of More” until now, sounds like a very interesting read, I’ll check it out! 😀

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  2. […] Becoming by Michelle Obama – I really enjoyed this book, one because it’s Michelle Obama and two, because her story is a humble one; she worked hard very moment to get to where she wanted to be. She persevered and when she married Barack, they both saw opportunities to not only help their communities but then suddenly be in a position to try and help the whole of the country. And it wasn’t just Barack who did things, it was Michelle too. And she’s a great ally to many. My review. […]


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