Blog Post Round Up | September 2020

This only the third month of doing this post where I share links to posts that I really enjoyed or simply want to share with you, reader of my blog. There will be times that I’ll list a post that you’ve already read, but I always hope that a reader, you, will find something new.

I’ve been blogging for about 7 years now, 6 of which were solely dedicated to book blogging. And I still find myself reading about new ideas or new thought/ discussion posts. And I don’t think that will ever stop. And I love that!

Note that just because I didn’t link one of your posts, doesn’t mean I didn’t like or that you aren’t an amazing blogger. You are awesome! Feel free to link to a post in the comments!

The Blog Posts

Breanna at Paws & Paperbacks talks about 3 star ratings and whether they’re bad or good. I’m on board with Breanna’s thoughts; for me a 3 star rating isn’t bad for me. It’s just a book that falls in the middle somewhere.

The Orangutan Librarian shares the tropes they like and dislike in thrillers. I agree with most of the ones they like and I definitely agree with some of her dislikes, like the ‘surprise, not dead’ trope. She also gives a list of powerful non-fiction recommendations. They all sound very enlightening!

Jaime Writes Words and Waffles shared that they started a podcast with a few friends! I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but I’m liking the concept about tropes and looking at them from both writer and reader perspectives.

Katie at Never Not Reading shared 6 British Historical Fantasy Recommendations. I really liked that she broke it down by era and described them, especially since I don’t know the difference between a few of them. She also starts a discussion about The Giver’s ending. I love this book and I love the open ending. I also think it’ll be an ending people will always dicuss!

Veronika at Wordy & Whimsical recommended their favorite audio books. I definitely plan on checking a few of these out since I’ve gotten into audio books recently.

Camillea Reads talked about what draws her to a book cover. I enjoyed this post because it got me thinking about myself and why I’m drawn to different covers or what I like about certain covers. While I haven’t dived too deep, I know that I’m drawn to interesting and sometimes unusual covers. Also illustrated covers with a scene or person on it are also eye catching for me.

Nicole at Half Wild Books talks YA Tropes she loves and hates. Tropes in general have always been a hot topic of discussion. I feel like I tend to go back and forth on a few, depending on the trend of what types of books are being published a lot at the time. But I will always dislike the love triangle! She also gives us a list of eight books you have to read this Autumn. There are several from her list that are on my TBR!

Lashaan at Bookidote discusses the reasons why review posts are unpopular. I really enjoyed his take on this topic. It was also a great reminder to continue blogging about what you love and reading and reviewing what you love too.

Sofii at A Book. A Thought also talks about what she doesn’t like in books. It’s always interesting to see how someone’s reading preferences differ from my own or someone else’s. Just like humans in general, reading tastes and favorites are different and unique. I love it!

Kristin at Kristin Kraves Books talks about the CAWPILE rating system. I’m always open to different ways to officially rate books, so I really enjoyed this post from Kristin. Doing a type of star rating would be easiest, though I also would love to make up my own fun way of rating.

Lucy at Sunstar Books lists book adaptations that she’d love to see. I actually haven’t read any of the books she lists, but I’m in support based on her reasoning and descriptions! I also need to read City of Brass and the following books before it hits Netflix.

Sara at Words With Wings (new to me blogger!) discusses the struggles of being a new book blogger. First, I love Sara’s design and voice. Even though I don’t remember caring too much about stats when I first started blogging, I understand the struggle now since I’ve grown my blog and content.

Jen at Books On the 7:47 (new to me blogger!) discusses mood reading and gives a new page called Books by Mood. I just stumbled upon her blog and started finding a few posts that I want to read (mostly reviews). I love her idea of helping other readers find books based on mood or particular interest.

Rafaela at The Portuguese Bibliophile (new to me blogger!) talks about her favorite book cover trends. I love how detailed she gets in describing why she likes each trend and how she sees it on some of the book cover examples she presents. We all love a good book cover and I hope to see more interesting trends come our way.

Serial Thrillers Blog shares 12 mysterious podcasts for suspense lovers. Podcasts is something that I’ve been slowly getting into, but I tend to choose audiobooks first (at least for now). However, I’m really intrigued by the Night Vale podcast, seems like fun!

In Other News

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Popsugar: The 15 Most Terrifying Stephen King Books, Ranked AND Conflicted About “Feminist Baby Books,” Natalie Portman Decided to Update the Classics Instead

Washington Post: Spanish-speaking writers are producing ambitious science fiction and fantasy. Let these books be your introduction.

The Everygirl: 6 Simple Ways You Can Start Reducing Your Waste

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    • Happy to do so! Finding a way to rate a book without defaulting to what Goodreads does has been on my mind for awhile, so it was exciting to discover a new way!


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