Halloween Movies Sitting On My DVR That I Totally Meant to Watch This Season

But whoops, I have not watched any of them. I love Freeform’s 13 Nights of Halloween movie event (this year they did the whole month) and their 25 Days of Christmas event every year. Not that I always get around to watching any of the movies.

However, this year, I was determined to watch some of them and with YouTube TV’s unlimited DVR storage space, I was excited to add them and have them recorded so I could watch when I want. I guess that gave me a false sense of ‘I still have time before Halloween!’

Nope. It’s October 31 today and I have yet to watch any of them. I’m hoping to watch at least a couple today, but we’ll see what really happens.

I am not a horror movie person at all, so many of these are the fun Halloween movies.

The Movies

All four of the Halloweentown movies! I remember really enjoying these movies when they came out!

Okay, so Matilda doesn’t quite fit in with Halloween, but I just love this movie. And Nightmare is always on the list .. Casper is a fun one too!

And of course, Hocus Pocus!

Did you/ will you watch any Halloween-esque movies?

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