Blog Post Round Up | October 2020

Oh, October, how sad am I to see you go. November may technically still be a part of Fall around here, but the weather is definitely starting to feel more winter. I guess that just means more cozying up with a good book weather. Hopefully that means I’ll read more than I did in October.

As with last month, there were a lot of great bookish posts that I want to share with all of you! Again, if you come across this post and want to share a book discussion or non-review post, feel free to leave the link in a comment!

And as always, every one of you are amazing bloggers and I love that I’m a part of this community!

The Blog Posts

Alana at The Bookish Chick kicked off blogtober with spooky reading recommendations. At least half of her recs are on my TBR list! And even though it’s now November, I find that these recs still apply!

Emily at Emily Talks Books also shares book for the season by sharing books for fall atmospheres. I’ve only read a few of the books on the list, but there are a couple I added.

Pilar at the Bookworm Shelf (new to be me blogger!) discusses the pros and cons of the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Every single one definitely resonated with me and I’m sure they do with so many of you as well.

Cam at Camillea Reads posted a great guide about preparing for NaNoWriMo. I found it really helpful, even though I probably won’t try to attempt it this year.

Lashaan at Bookidote talks about blog hopping. I found it an interesting read. I struggle with keeping up with all the blogs and for some reason adding new blogs to my WordPress reader doesn’t always work. So I started using FlowReader. I get behind a lot, but I at least have two places that I can go to read up on the blogs.

Chana at Paper Procrastinators talks about rating science fiction reads based on science accuracy levels. I enjoyed the uniqueness of this post and that it’s coming from Chana’s experience as a STEM student. It’s an interesting idea to think about the certain aspects that we decide to be nitpicky about when reading. I don’t think I do it, but maybe I’ll pay more attention.

Malka at Paper Procrastinators discusses the importance of mindless books for her. I totally agree with her that mindless books, whatever the genre, has purpose. Romance books tend to fall into this category for me and usually act as palette cleansers, especially if I’m switching genres.

Sofii at A Book. A Thought. discusses balancing between blogging, writing, and daily life. I loved her recommendations since they’re really about creating a balance that works for you but also making sure to leave time for yourself in general, which I think we all need in 2020.

Veronika at Wordy and Whimsical talks about how she avoids blog burnout. I definitely burned myself out slash went into a slight reading slump this month, so this post resonates with me. I always tell myself that I’m going to write up a bunch of posts and schedule them a head of time and then end up only doing maybe 1-2 instead of the 5.

Stephanie at Adventures of a Bibliophile talks about how working from home has affected her reading. I totally understand where she’s coming from! It’s been hard enough having to work on my dining room table with just a laptop and now I have easy access to my TV, my couch, and technically my library. However, I find that my TV has been winning out. Plus, I don’t take my full lunch and usually don’t read anymore during that time. Oh, corona.

The Orangutan Librarian discusses book twitter and whether it actually reflects the book community. There’s a lot of general talk that it doesn’t and tends to be more toxic than anything else. I like that she links to other articles. I keep telling myself that I should just delete mine since I’m never on there anyways.

Dani at My Heart is Booked Blog shares tips on how to make the most of your Bookstagram, with emphasis on types of posts. I didn’t really need to read this, but I found it in depth and informative.

In Other News 10 Books Warren Buffett Thinks You Should Read

The Guardian: Top 10 underrated Agatha Christie novels

NewScientist: 11 of the best sci-fi books that transport you to another world

Washington Post: The 2020 National Book Awards finalists are a strikingly fresh group

Yale Climate Connections: 12 books to help voters think climate change through elections prism


Oprah Magazine: Oprah Just Unveiled the Seven Books That Help Her Through Tough Times

Insider: 16 books that should have never been adapted into movies — sorry

Buzzfeed News: 15 Books From Smaller Presses You Won’t Be Able To Put Down


10 thoughts on “Blog Post Round Up | October 2020

  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of these! I plan on reading most of these posts. They all sound really interesting! I also struggle with keeping up on blogs and making sure the WordPress reader is showing me the people I follow. I’m on book twitter a lot and I don’t think it’s really that toxic but I really hate the follow and sharing trains. Just a bunch of self promotion constantly instead of actual interaction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad! I found them to be great reads!
      I still have my book twitter, but hardly ever use it. Mostly I don’t want to feel like I have to put a lot of time onto more social media


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