Doctor Who Book Tag

As I mentioned briefly in a couple previous posts, one of my recent obsessions is Doctor Who. I just finished season 9, with the new 12th doctor. It’s been quite the adventure so far! So I figured, why not track down a Doctor Who book tag?

I found two that I liked, so I decided to combine them to make a huge book tag. The first tag I found is from Booktuber Nerdy Narrative and the second I found from blogger A Fictional Bookworm. Because I’m combining two tags into one, I didn’t do all of the prompts from each.

First Doctor – Name your favorite first book in a series.

Third Doctor – What is your favorite trilogy?

Fourth Doctor – Name a book with a colorful cover.

Sixth Doctor – Name a book featuring a dark and powerful villain.

Seventh Doctor – What is your favorite adult or dark book?

War Doctor – What is a book you read that you wish you could forget.

The Ninth Doctor: A book you feel that’s very underrated

Rose and Ten: One of your ships that (almost) never sailed [I added the almost]

Tenth Doctor – What is your favorite super hyped book?

David Tennant: A book or series that was hard to say goodbye to when it ended

Eleventh Doctor – What is your favorite children/middle grade book?

Matt Smith: A book that made you smile

Bowties Are Cool: A bandwagon you jumped on early

Amy and Rory: A book that left a lasting impression

Weeping Angel: A book where you blinked and then it was over

Twelfth Doctor – What book is your most anticipated new release?

Daleks: A book you want to exterminate

Run you clever boy…and remember: A book with an awesome plot twist you didn’t see coming

The T.A.R.D.I.S: A book that took you back in time

And there you have it! What a long book tag, but fun to do anyways!

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