Do Mini Book Reviews Hold the Same Value as Full Length Book Reviews?

I am very behind in my reviews. I think many months behind. Whoops.

Because of that, I’ve been turning to writing mini reviews for the majority of those books I’m behind on writing reviews for. I like doing this, because then I can group similar books together all while still getting my thoughts posted.

After awhile, of course, I started to think about the differences between a mini reviews and normal review. And if they both hold value. And so this discussion post was born!

What is a mini review?

I couldn’t find a definition that applies to book reviews, unfortunately. For me, a mini book review is a summary of my thoughts and feelings for a book in one paragraph; my average is about five sentences.

Short and concise; quick to readNot a lot of detail

What is a full length review?

For me, a full length book review is an opinion piece that is usually comprised of multiple paragraphs that outline my thoughts and feelings on the book’s plot, characters, world building, and the author’s writing. In addition, I provide the book’s official blurb plus details like page number and publisher.

Provides a lot of detailSometimes really long to write and read

Okay, so not really a lot of differences. The major difference is the amount of detail, which is because of the different lengths.

So, are mini reviews just as valuable?

In my opinion, yes, mini reviews are just as valuable as full length reviews. Just maybe in different ways. They both provide a way to present thoughts and feelings on a book; the full length review will just go into more detail. Mini book reviews are great for when you want to post thoughts on a book, but maybe there isn’t enough to justify trying to write a longer, full length review.

But, also, all of this is opinion, so if you don’t want to ever post mini book reviews, that’s cool too! Personally, I’m so happy that I opened myself up to writing mini book reviews. They’ve helped me post about all the books that I’ve read that I want to share, but no longer have enough to constitute writing a longer review. Plus, it’s fun grouping similar books together.

What’s your opinion on mini book reviews?

17 thoughts on “Do Mini Book Reviews Hold the Same Value as Full Length Book Reviews?

  1. I think a small review can be enough to give valuable information to others.

    I usually write medium-length reviews – considering your explanation from the post. I write 5-6 paragraphs about the books, focusing on what I liked / disliked and why the book is different compared to others. Official information (blurb, publisher, etc) is not included.

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  2. I like them & generally prefer shorter reviews. When reading a review, I don’t want a giant freaking recap of the story (that’s what I see way too many ‘reviewers’ doing). I want a quick overview of the good and the bad of the book to see if it’s going to be ‘worth’ my time.

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  3. I appreciate both. Goodreads provides a platform where a scan of mini-reviews helps get an overview before I pick a book—sort of a survey. A long review is where I go after reading the book as a means of sharing ideas—somewhat of a non-verbal discussion.

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  4. I think mini reviews can be valuable. You can say the same things as a full review–has a fast-paced plot, strong characters, whatever, just maybe without giving as many examples or elaborating on your points. A lot of professional publications use mini reviews effectively. And I think part of that is that you do have to be concise. Sometimes full-length reviews end up being more of a plot summary than a review, but you don’t want to waste your word count in a mini review with retelling the entire book.

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  5. Yeah I love mini reviews, both to read and write. I think because of the detail, longer reviews might be more convincing when it comes to deciding whether to read a book, but otherwise, it can give a really good taste for a story (and let’s face it a positive mini review can convince me to read a book as well! In fact, if it’s a selection of mini reviews, seeing a 5* next a 3* read might convince me even more… ;) ) Excellent discussion!

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  6. So I moved to doing mini book reviews as I lost the joy of doing really detailed reviews looking at and analysing all the different elements of the story. I found that in moving forward to shorter less structured reviews that I focused more on my enjoyment and what I felt like in reading it. Also having something bitesized for people to read was also a benefit as I know I struggle to read long reviews.

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