Blog Post Round Up | December 2020

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we’re in 2021! Hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve and stayed safe. Here’s to things only going up from what was 2020.

As always, I’ve had the pleasure of reading some great posts from the community. I’m happy to see that so many of us have stayed and continue to try and stay as positive as possible through this pandemic as well as everything going on with the environment and racial injustice.

I do want to note that a lot of things are and have happened in the book world .. many of those articles are, as always, listed in the second category.

The Posts

CW at The Quiet Pond gives us a list of some awesome diverse and modern retelling book recommendations. 9 out of the 20 are already on my TBR list, a few which I really hope to read soon. She also gives us an awesome book review guide that focuses on writing reviews for books where you feel out of depth. I’m so happy that I follow this blog and now have this resource!

Marie at Drizzle and Hurricane Books gives us her five tips for time management for blogging. I definitely need to work on this; I’m always blogging at random times and never on the same day of the week, which is something that I always wish I did. Maybe this will inspire me!

Sofii at A Book. A Thought has shared her amazing idea to create as an extensive book blogger list as possible. There are always new blogs popping up or small blogs that are still unknown and I wish I could I easily find them. I love that Sofii is taking this on. If you would like to be on the list, be sure to comment on her post and of course help share her post!

Bex the Bibliophile (new to me blogger!) talks about her mixed opinions and thoughts on rereading books. There are some books that I enjoy rereading from time to time, but like Bex, there are just too many unread books that I have that I want to read too.

Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts lists her top 6 Christmas movies for 2020. I have no idea if I’ll really get around to watching some Christmas movies this season, but I definitely have a couple of these on my list too!

Kristin at Kristin Kraves Books lists out some of her favorite new authors of 2020. Stephanie at Adventures of a Bibliophile also discussed her new favorite authors discovered in 2020. Both of their lists have several authors that I’ve been curious about and have been wanting to pick up some of their books; makes me more excited to see two blogger list some of them out as favorites!

Rucha at Between Pages (new to me blogger!) lists 5 books that aren’t Christmas-y but are still perfect for the holidays. I’ve only heard of two of these – the two that are still on my TBR. I’m glad to see that she enjoyed Kafka on the Shore as I’ve been curious about other Murakami.

Holly at Nut Free Nerd gives a book recommendation for each song on Taylor Swift’s evermore album. One, I can’t believe Taylor Swift released another album. Two, I love these creative posts! I enjoy listening to music, but I don’t always get the same sense of storytelling that I get from books, so I find it difficult to try and pair the two. But I loved this post!

Lydia at 22 Is Still Young Adult recommends 3 bookish podcasts that you need. The only one that I knew about was Book Riot though I haven’t listened to it. For some reason, I find it hard to listen to book podcasts, but Literary Friction sounds interesting – I might try it!

Sabrina and Vera at Wordy and Whimsical shared their book recommendations based on songs from Taylor Swift’s evermore album. As I’ve shared in previous blog post round ups, I love it when I stumble upon posts where a blogger matches a book to a song or music in general (honestly, anything creative like this), since I can never do it myself. So I’m happy to share this post, especially since I enjoyed this surprise album.

In Other News

Inc.: 3 Books That Bill Gates Recommends as Holiday Presents–or Just for a Great Read

The Guardian: Top 10 books about mermaids

TechCrunch: Can AI help you binge books? BingeBooks is a new service to do … exactly that


Oprah Magazine: 6 Books Oprah Loves to Give as Gifts During the Holidays

The Atlantic: The Monster Publishing Merger Is About Amazon AND The Bigger the Publishers, the Blander the Books AND What the Penguin-Random House Merger Means to You, Average Reader

PRNews: Scholastic Announces Multi-Book Publishing Program With Civil Rights Trailblazer Ruby Bridges

The Los Angeles Times: A landmark publishing fair is on ice. Booksellers are wistful but hardly surprised

Publishers Weekly: Amazon Publishing in Talks to Offer E-books to Public Libraries AND 2020 In the Book Biz Was a Year Unlike Any Other AND Are Book Biz Diversity Efforts Starting to Kick In?

USA Today: Obama unveils his favorites books of 2020

Forbes: The 5 Personal Finance Books You Should Be Reading In 2021

Screen Rant: The Best New Comic Books Launched in 2020

Mark Manson: 1,273 People Share Their Best Life Lessons from 2020

lifehacker: The Books That Broke Through the Noise of 2020

Buzzfeed: 42 Books That Helped People Get Through This Garbage Year

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  1. Aww, Nicole!! I’m SO glad you liked the idea of ​​my project. πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ίβœ¨ I deeply appreciate that you share it on your beautiful blog, it’s an honor. 😍
    Happy New Year honey, I hope it’s full of blessings for you and your family πŸŽ‰

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