The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag

I love book tags. There is just something about them that are really fun and they make great posts (especially someone like me who doesn’t really plan posts ahead that well). Thank you to Katie at Never Not Reading for the tag! Be sure to check her own post and blog out, her blog (and her) is awesome! I Am A Bookaholic And I Regret Nothing: A 6x9 Inch Matte  Softcover Journal Notebook With 120 Blank Lined Pages And A Funny Book And  Library Lovers Cover Slogan (9781795898256): Granite

Do you have a favorite bookshop?

I’m going to say yes. There is a local indie bookstore chain that I love supporting when I can. There is also a second hand bookstore that’s awesome too, though they don’t always have the book I’m looking for. Lately, though I’ve been all about the library!

Do you pre-order books?

Not really. Unless I think I won’t be able to get the book when it comes out. I expect that when Martin finally finishes Winds of Winter, I’ll preorder it. But right not, I don’t, mainly because I own so many unread books that I don’t want to add to the pile.

Do you have a monthly buying limit?

I don’t. I’ve never felt like I needed one. Since moving out here to my current state a few years ago, I started to really get into utilizing the library. While I’m continuing to do that, I decided that I’m going to try and make 2021 a book buying ban year (except for a few books on my birthday) and solely use the library.

How big is your wish list?

Hmm, this is hard. I don’t really keep a wish list. However, I always buy the new book from Ruth Ware and Patricia Briggs. I think I treat my TBR as my wish list to be honest. Which is very long.

What three books from your wish list do you wish to own right now?

One by One by Ruth Ware – I have yet to read her previous book. But as I mentioned, I always buy her new book and this one is the latest.

The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner – I think this series is finished; I never really knew about it until someone talked about the last book and I became intrigued. It sounds really good.

Jade City by Fonda Lee – I had no idea about this book until a couple months ago and now I cannot wait to pick it up!

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I’m going to tag YOU! :)

5 thoughts on “The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag

  1. Ouh I might do this one — same though xd I have a “virtual tbr” that act just like my wishlist.. though I might not end up buy it for a good while.. rofl

    Love me some Ruth Ware too! I did bought One by One, but i’m missins Turn of Key.. and I didn’t got to thoses two yet either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am going on a book buying ban this year though since my unread books have accumulated a little haha. I actually think I have a bigger problem of using the library first before reading what I already own

      Liked by 1 person

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