Friday Finds #35

The last Friday Finds post I wrote was back in October 2020, so I’ve added quite a few books since then. Over the last year or so, I’ve tried to be a lot more mindful of how many books I add to my TBR so that I don’t find my list to be a ridiculous number. It hasn’t gotten too high, but I definitely feel like I need to just keep reading haha.

The Books

These are of course just a small sample, but they are some of the most recent. I’ve seen a couple of these on other blogs, which is probably why they ended up on my list. I think I’m most intrigued by The Maidens and The Removed. While I’m itching to try and get some of these books from the library, I’m on a mission to read down my owned and unread TBR pile(s) this year. Once I do that, I’ll probably go crazy on putting library books on hold.

Are any of these recent finds for you too? What recent TBR add are you really excited about?

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