Settings and Story Types I Enjoy Escaping Into

Being able to escape and ‘experience’ a new and different world is one of the main reasons that I love reading. That and generally getting lost in a good story. It’s a topic that I’ve discussed a few times through my Bookish Thought post series as well as past TTT posts.

This week’s TTT prompt is all about places I’d love to live. For me, that’s honestly so many places – places that I’ve already talked about in at least one of the above posts. Instead, I want to talk about the settings and even story types that are perfect escapes for me – blending the love of experiencing a new world and getting lost in a good story.

The Places

Space and/or Other Planets

Since reading books like The Martian or Illuminae, I’ve come to really enjoy books that take place in space or on other planets. The rules are different, sometimes the people, and it’s either funny or adventurous or both.

A Murder Mystery

Mystery/ Thriller has become one of my favorite genres. Throw in an exceptional writer and I’m usually hooked. There’s nothing like going along with a main character, trying to figure out who the killer is, how they did it, etc. Being able to figure it out before the Big Reveal in the book is even better.

Celebrity’s Lives

I love a good memoir. I find that they make for great audiobooks, especially since they read it themselves. I feel like you get the full effect of their words that way. They also tend to have some inspiring words and/or stories.


This list wouldn’t be complete without some kind of magical world(s) on it! These three are unique worlds – one technically embedded in our own world! There’s nothing like magic to create a perfect escape!

Educational Non-Fiction

Since the pandemic started last year and I moved to working remotely like most everyone else, I started listening to a lot of audiobooks. Fiction required a lot more concentration than what I had while working, so I turned to nonfiction books. I’ve found that listening to an audiobook that teaches me something was a very enjoyable way to help pass the work day.

What type of stories do you love to escape into?

17 thoughts on “Settings and Story Types I Enjoy Escaping Into

  1. Reading Illuminae gave me a new look at space as a book setting that I rather enjoyed. I definitely wouldn’t want to live anywhere they did though. Magical worlds usually sound so interesting as well, though I haven’t read any of the ones you’ve mentioned.

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