Blog Post Round Up | April 2021

I don’t know if it’s because we passed the one year mark of the pandemic or what, but April was a great month for the community in terms of sharing book discussion posts. I think this is the longest list I’ve shared so far!

I also added a section sharing new bloggers I have discovered; I’m hoping that this will help add to the warm welcome of this community for them.

There are also some great articles from big name websites that I found interesting.

The Blog Posts

Simone at Simone and Her Books talks about how she’s becoming a poly reader. She also gives a few tips on how to be a poly reader without mixing your reads. I’ve become more of a poly reader myself since diving into audiobooks.

Marie at Drizzle and Hurricane Books talks about the 5 things you should know before starting a book blog. And honestly, there’s are some good tips/ reminders for a veteran book blogger. She also has me thinking about self-hosting/ buying my site name. I think now I’m worried about being overwhelmed with all the design choices, etc. We’ll see.

Alex at Coffee, Books, and Dragons (new to me!) shares her tips and plan to get out of a reading slump. I loved the tip about just leaning into being in a slump. We’ve all been there – the dreaded reading slump. I’ve had a couple myself … I found that I just needed to do something else until a book caught my eye. Sometimes I accidentally end up in a slump if I’m watching too much TV.

J at Midnight Book Blog talks bookish pet peeves. I definitely agree about the author name being bigger than the title – that tends to bug me too. I also prefer to read text that lands in the middle between small and large. Too small text just gets harder to read as I go on.

Joy at Books with Joy (new to me!) talks decluttering your books. Perfect timing for Spring arriving (in the northern hemisphere at least). She gives some great tips on going about it. And I find this post at the perfect time for me as I’ve been getting into a huge decluttering/ spring cleaning/ organizing mood since April arrived.

The Book Lovers’s Coffeehouse (new to me!) briefly discusses problematic authors, particular discussing a recent incident re: Emily Duncan. This makes me so sad – that a well known person would use their platform to be a bully and showcase their racism. I’ve enjoyed Duncan’s first two books of her trilogy, but I wouldn’t say I ever loved them. But it just reminds me of the whole issue with JK Rowling.

Alexis at The Reading Addict (new to me!) discusses what makes a reader. It’s interesting – I never really think about it, I just know that I’m a reader. But it is interesting to think about how others might try to quantify or qualify what makes a reader. If you really think about it, everyone is a reader .. some are just bigger readers than others.

Brigid at The Alliterates shares how to make graphics without photoshop. This post was really helpful for me even though I don’t do too many graphics on my blog (mostly because of time). But this post I will definitely bookmark for future reference.

Hollie at Hollieblog discusses Toxic Positivity & Bookstagram in light of the recent incidents that have happened on Twitter (see also the above Book Lover’s Coffeehouse post). While I have a bookstagram, I’m not on it as often I would like to be, so I tend to miss a lot of posts, etc. I really appreciated the reminder that posting a book onto IG is essentially an endorsement because as she points out, we’re not going to post a book we didn’t like right? This is a great reminder for me to be more mindful of the authors I read/ support.

Shan at Books and Blockbusters (new to me!) talks about book to movie adaptations that they like .. in addition to ones they would like to see happen. Pride and Prejudice is the only movie where I’ve read the book and watched the movie (loved it) and I cannot wait for Shadow and Bone! I also think it would be cool to see movies (or shows) about Fangirl and Graceling.

Alexa at Writing the Universe (new to me!) lists five 2021 YA contemporary romances that she’s excited about. Now, while I’m trying to pick up more non-YA books, it doesn’t mean that I won’t ever considering picking up another YA book. I’m just a lot more pickier about them now. There are a couple on this list that I would read.

Veronika at Wordy and Whimsical shares some recommendations for atmospheric reads. I love a good atmospheric read and some of her recs are already on my TBR list. I have found myself even more curious about TJ Klune’s book .. it seems like everyone but me has read it.

Charvi at Not Just Fiction gives us Asian book recommendations for each zodiac sign. I loved this post! Unique and a lot of fun! And some of these books were new to me, so that gives me something to do.

Kal at Reader Voracious gives us a look into a new app Readerly. I guess it’s currently invite only during its beta testing. It sounds like another good alternative to Goodreads (that I didn’t even know existed), though I may just stick with The Storygraph for now .. if I add too many apps to track reading and all that, I might get a little crazy.

Newly Discovered Bloggers + Blogs

I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this feature from now on every month, but I found myself with random time that I spent perusing WordPress and book blogs. By doing that, I found some new bloggers and blogs that I wanted to share! And some of these are fairly new to our wonderful community!

Cherelle at A Bolt Out of the Book

Lynn at Lynn Reads Many Books

Randi at Rampant Reading Reviews

Chris at Biblio Nerd Reflections

Peruse with Coffee

Ritz at Living, Loving, and Reading

Rachel, Meg, & Abby at RMA YA Books

Claire at The Crab Chronicles

Pauline at Pow’s Book Nook

In Other News

Book Riot:

Vulture: The Best Comedy Books of 2021 (So Far)

Buzzfeed News: 12 Books That Incarcerated People In The US Have Been Banned From Reading

Wine Enthusiast: ‘Star Wars, ‘Gossip Girl’ and More: Six Cocktail Books that Bring Television to Life

Glamour: The 8 Great Books Getting Us Through Vaccine FOMO in April

Den of Geek: Chinese-Inspired Fantasy Books That Reframe Familiar Fairy Tales

Gizmodo: Amazon Accused of Working With Book Publishers In Price-Fixing Scheme

Tor: Tordotcom Publishing Acquires Six Martha Wells Books—Including Three Murderbot Diaries

Buzzfeed: 21 Books To Read If You Already Binged “Shadow & Bone” On Netflix

Good Housekeeping: 15 Books by Pacific Islanders That Tell Incredible Stories About Their Culture

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