Reworking My 30 Before 30 List Into a General Life Experience List

In 17 days, I will turn thirty.

I feel weird about it, but not overly anxious or scared (yet). I’m more bummed that it’s happening during the pandemic. Also, because of the pandemic, I will not be able to finish my 30 Before 30 List. I’ve been able to cross off quite a few things and 2020 was going to have me crossing off a few more (this page has all the updates).

With the end in sight regarding the pandemic though still seemingly far away, I figured I should rework my list. I have no idea if I’m going to just create a new list (40 before 40 .. oh god, that’s too much to think about) … maybe I’ll go the route of having a list but with no end date.

In this post, I’m going to list what I have left to do that I still really want to do. I also want to add a few things, which I took inspiration from the articles linked at the end.

The List

  1. Run the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon
  2. Visit all the Continental US National Parks (so far, I’ve only visited 4 out of the 63)
  3. Visit all 50 states (currently, I’ve visited 9)
  4. Travel – if I could do at least one new country and/or state a year, that would be great
  5. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  6. See the northern lights
  7. Watch a meteor shower
  8. Hike more
  9. Practice yoga more
  10. Live abroad (this one would depend on my job staying remote I think?)
  11. Take a class – in anything, academic or non-academic (while I did do this already from the original list, it’s a good one to keep I think)
  12. Attempt to learn a new language (or at least the basics)
  13. Fall in love
  14. Continue to read what I want
  15. Volunteer abroad?
  16. Go on more trips with my sister
  17. Learn to ice skate
  18. Visit Disney World
  19. Visit Space Center Houston and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida
  20. Visit the Jet Propulsion Lab
  21. Attend a Book convention/ festival
  22. Go on an African Safari

I’m sure I will want to add things as the years go by. And a lot of experiences can happen within things like travel. There are a lot of places on my list to travel to, but that would be a really long list probably. This list is really just a reminder and a place where I can put some of the things that I want to do (sooner preferably).

Do you have list? What’s on it?

Inspiration Articles:

Bauce: 30 Things Every Woman Should Do Before She’s Thirty

Glamour: 30 empowering things every woman should do before she turns 30

Lifehack: 17 Things I Wish I Did Before Turning 35

Goalcast: 30 Things Everyone Should Experience Before Turning 35


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