Blog Post Round Up | May 2021

May has gone too fast for my liking! But I did get two great trips in this month that were really nice breaks from work and just everything. I also enjoyed all the many posts I’ve read, including those listed below. There may be some that I missed since I just got back from traveling for two weeks and haven’t kept up in the blog world during that time.

As always, I’m sorry if I missed your post … you are all still amazing bloggers!

The Blog Posts

Kristin at Kristin Kraves Books shares some bookish podcasts recommendations. I’ve always wanted to really get into podcasts, but I have found it hard to find good bookish ones. And the time. I will definitely be looking into these though and seeing if something catches my ear!

Jaed at The Bibliophile Thoughts (new to me blogger) shares her tips for getting out of a reading slump. I know that we see this topic around from time to time, but I just know that I’ll need to reference them all at some point. Plus, you can never have too many tips!

Rafaela at The Portuguese Bibliophile shares a list of upcoming books with gorgeous cover art. Some of these I already knew about, but many are new to me. It’s a great list.

The Orangutan Librarian talks about the adaptations they love and hate. Many of these I have not seen or don’t have an opinion because I didn’t read the books. But some I have and I agree with the placement on this list. Biggest is probably The Hobbit.

Shannen at Rekindled Bibliophile talks about her favorite book adaptations. I think this topic may be on a lot of our minds since Shadow and Bone was released on Netflix. I definitely agree with a lot of the ones on this list though there are some that I have not seen or where I’ve seen it but never read the book.

Vel at Bookish Rebel (new to me blogger) lists book recommendations with mental health representation. I’ve only read two of the books, both of which I really enjoyed; having well written mental health representation is very important to have in books and I’m glad to see it becoming more of a norm.

Amanda at Classy X Book Reviews (new to me blogger) gives a list of BEGINNER FANTASY RECOMMENDATIONS. There’s a lot of a book on this list that are also on my TBR. While I’m not a newbie to fantasy, it still makes me excited to pick them up! I like that she broke the list into three categories: middle grade, YA, and adult.

Alexx at Enthralled Bookworm provides 3 YA Books Tackling Bisexuality and Biphobia; it’s exciting to see a lot more diversity and representation in books, especially in YA. While I’ve been moving away from reading YA, I would still consider picking this up just to support them and the authors.

Rosina at Lace and Dagger Books provides a few Bookstagram Tips and Tricks. Now, I don’t have as much time as I used to do bookstagram a lot, so my follows and all that are fairly low. But I always enjoy reading about current tips and tricks for engagement.

In Other News

NY Magazine: The Best Books About Environmental Justice, According to Experts


FandomWire: 15 Books That Need A Movie Or TV Adaptation

New York Post: The publishing industry has turned into modern-day book burners

Harper’s Bazaar: 25 Must-Read Books by Asian and Asian American Authors

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