2021 Mid-Year Challenge and Goal Check In

I can’t believe it’s June already! I really hope that this year doesn’t feel like it disappears the way that 2020 seemed to do.

As in previous years, I had to go back and read my posts about my 2021 goals and resolutions and my 2021 reading challenges. I definitely went for more with this year, though I can definitely say that I’m failing with a couple already. Let’s start with my reading challenge progress!

Reading Challenges Progress

Goodreads Challenge

Starting off on a good note! I went really easy and simple and opted to set a goal of reading 50 books this year. Happily, I am just one book away from reaching this goal!

Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge Progress

I had a lot of books on my TBR when I started this year. I have since done a major spring cleaning of my TBR, so now I have 700 books on my TBR .. I swear it was smaller, but I have added a few upcoming 2021 releases to my list among other books.

Out of the 49 books read, 43 books were published in 2020 or earlier. Which is really good! Doesn’t make much of a dent into the probably 650+ books on my TBR haha. I have a goal of hitting 75% or more of my books read to be off my TBR backlist. Off to a good start!

Mount TBR Challenge 2021

This challenge focuses on books that I own that are still unread. At the start of this year, I owned 31 unread books. I have since added a few, but those don’t count to this year’s challenge.

Out of the 49 books I’ve read so far, 4 were ones I owned. I committed to doing the lowest level, Pikes Peak, which is reading 12 books. Sadly, I’m not even halfway. Which means that I have to read 1.33 books a month for the rest of the year in order to read 12 books. Shouldn’t be too hard. Fingers crossed!

NetGalley Reading Challenge

I decided to unofficially do this one so that I can get ahead on some of the ARCs that I own. At the beginning of the year, I had only 5 to read. I have since been approved for a few others. So I still have maybe 5 to read.

Out of the 49 books read, 5 were ARCs. Technically, I’ve hit my goal. However, I plan on keeping up with my ARCs and reading and reviewing them before their publication date.

PopSugar 2021 Reading Challenge

I’ve tried this challenge once before and failed big time. I decided why not this year. I’m excited about my progress for this challenge, I just might make it this year!

Out of the 49 books, 25 completed a prompt. There are 40 prompts, which means that I’m 63% done with the challenge! Here’s to staying on top of it and finishing! Luckily a few books I have in mind for prompts also qualify for a coupe of other challenges.

2020 Goals and Resolutions Progress

Non-Bookish Progress

Out of my five goals, I’ve only really accomplished two: saving money every month and taking at least one trip to anywhere (I’ve done two! With a third in the planning).

I am hoping, now that my office has a plan to open up completely, to take the time to spring/summer clean my closet and dresser. Going back into the office will help me better figure out what I’m actually wearing.

I have not been successful in adding one additional workout each week and cooking a new recipe each month. I’ve done yoga and hikes, but not consistently. Though I am keeping an eye out for yoga studios opening up again near me.

Bookish Progress

Out of the 5 goals, I would say I’m doing well with two: making this year a book buying ban year and starting a monthly get together with my girlfriends to talk about books.

I’ve done well in not buying any books this year! I’ve only bought three, which I will probably count towards my birthday present. And, I started a monthly zoom with girlfriends to talk about what we’re reading among some life updates.

I’m behind on reading my owned backlist and buying bookshelves. I have no idea on how I’m doing with reading more diversely and BIPOC authors.

What’s your reading year like so far? What about non-bookish goals and resolutions progress?

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