Blog Post Round Up | June 2021

And another month is gone! The pandemic has left me in a weird funk and even though I’m vaccinated, I don’t always have the energy to try to make plans with friends. Which is a bummer because we’re about to be in the middle of summer. I’m always happy to read the days away, but it would be nice to try find ways to feel like it’s pre-pandemic.

Either way, I always enjoying reading all the unique and fun non-review posts out in the blogosphere!

The Blog Posts

Chana at Paper Procrastinators talks about her grievances with Goodreads and provides some alternatives. I’ll always have a soft spot for Goodreads, but I’ve been really enjoying using StoryGraph as well!

Jayati at It’s Just a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile gives us 15 Queer Books You Should Add To Your TBR. Diversity and representation is important and I am so happy to see that the book industry has finally listened to the community. I haven’t read any of these on the list, but a few are on my list!

Sabrina at Wordy and Whimsical gives us a master list of books for when you’re struggling to focus. I don’t think I’ve really heard of any on this list, which is part of why I liked this post and wanted to share it!

Cam at Camillea Reads gives us a list of recent releases to add to your Pride Month reading list. I liked that for this list, she gave us recent releases though I’m sure many could create quite a long list of all great books for a pride month list. I’ve heard of most of these, but again have not had a chance to read any.

Hannah at Sprinkled With Words reminds us why we should shop in Indie Bookstores. I had no idea about the special editions and will probably keep my eye out more often now! But there’s something about the coziness of an indie bookstore for me.

Shannen at Rekindled Bibliophile talks about audiobooks and if they’re awful or awesome. I personally have come to really enjoy audiobooks, particularly nonfiction. For fiction audiobooks, it has to have a great cast and production or simply a great narrator. There have been a couple of books that I decided not to listen to because I couldn’t stand the narrator.

Nyx at Drizzle and Hurricane Books gives us a list of YA books about road trips to help feed our wanderlust. I think I came across this post around the time I went on my road trip. I don’t read a lot of YA anymore, but books about travel are always fun!

Aaurishi at Aarushi Reads (new to me) talks nonfiction books – How to Read More and Recommending her Favorites. Her tips are spot on! They are exactly what I would tell someone who isn’t sure where to start with nonfiction. I definitely think the idea of starting with a topic that you’re interested in is a great one, it’s definitely what I tend to do!

Simone at Simone and Her Books gives us a seven fantasy books based on Greek mythology; I’ve read a couple and have a few others on my list to read. She also gives a great guide to how to support Indie Bookstores without breaking a book buying ban! I loved this post because I’ve been trying to stick to not buying anymore books (and doing okay so far). But being able to support local bookstores is always a positive!

In Other News


IndieWire: George R.R. Martin Regrets ‘Game of Thrones’ Show Went Past Books, Says His Ending Will Be Different

The Guardian: ‘If publishers become afraid, we’re in trouble’: publishing’s cancel culture debate boils over

New York Post: Publishers Weekly to renew US Book Show for 2022

Yahoo News: Interactive theme park ‘Storyville Gardens’ being planned for Middle Tennessee


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  1. Thank you so much for linking my post! I love indie bookstores, and I didn’t really realise about indie editions until my bookseller friend mentioned them to me! Now I’m always going to be on the lookout, haha! 🙂

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