Return From Hiatus + Blog Updates

Hello my lovely fellow book lovers! I’m glad to be back .. my two month hiatus was wonderful. Honestly, I could have done it longer, but I worried about getting to a point of never returning and I don’t want that. At least for right now.

During my two month hiatus, I focused on just enjoying my reading time, tried to work on better habits (an ongoing effort), did a few house things, went on a few excursions around town, and binge-watched a series (or two).

When I was reading these past two months, I realized that the time pressure and commitment to read and then write a review was getting to be too much. I also rediscovered that I love trying to find a book to recommend to family and friends, with a focus on books that I’ve already read of course.

So, I decided to stop writing reviews (with ARCs one exception) and instead focus on writing recommendation lists. I’ll be doing genre-based recommendation lists with a few theme-based lists thrown in once in awhile.

My hope is that this will help free up more time to get back to writing more discussion posts a little more consistently. I’ve had a series idea in my drafts folder for over a year now.

That’s the quick update. I haven’t done well in keeping up with all of your blogs, but I’m excited to dive into being a reader of all the blogs again!

Remember to take care of yourself!

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